Were you a 'tagger' in your youth? Please tell me about it.

Important note: I am looking for firsthand accounts in this thread; everyone has an opinion on why folks do stuff, but I specifically want to hear from individuals in the group in question. I would rather this thread sink out of trace with no replies than just get filled up with secondhand assumptions.

So… ‘tagging’ (the act of spraypainting a stylised version of your name or pseudonym on fences, walls, trains, etc). Did you do it when you were younger?

Why did you do it? At the time, did you feel like you had an actual reason? (even if that reason no longer makes sense to you now), or was it just something that you did because your peers were all doing it and it seemed normal?

Is/was there a difference between the highly colourful and detailed tags (that obviously show some artistic talent) and the ones that are more like a signature (often repeated many times locally). Are they even part of the same activity? Do the signature taggers aspire to be like the artistic ones?

Where did you get all the paint?

Nobody? I promise I won’t judge - this is just an earnest thirst for insight.

NB I don’t mind if others want to add questions to the heap…

I’ll judge the heck out of it*!* :smiley:

I hope few here did it, because it is first & foremost vandalism, which totally negates any ‘artistic’ value. If you did this as a kid you had shitty parents…

A friend of mine lives in a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood. He came home from work one evening and found the side of his house had been “tagged”. He immediately called the cops.

While awaiting the police, his fourteen year old son admitted he had done it.

Never did, but it wasn’t a thing in those days. My oldest son went around the neighborhood painting V on everything because of some TV series. I caught him at it and he spent two days futilely trying to scrub the paint off with a bucket and scrub brush. He’s in his 40s now, but still brings it up as an object lesson.

I hate taggers. I live in a fairly decent neighborhood. Unfortunately my city borders part of a Los Angeles area known for gangs, so you have these gangstas or wannabes tagging their street names like dogs marking their territories. What I normally see is tagging on the sidewalk. I like to live in a nice 'hood, but these fucking losers really makes an area ghetto-looking with their tags. If I were some dictator, I’d implement some draconian punishment for offenders. Third offense? Amputate index finger. Still don’t get it? Thumb next.

Sorry, OP, I probably dissuaded any former or current taggers from sharing their thoughts here.

I’ve never done it but I knew a guy who wrote *my *name in a few places. He was an artist (or wannabe, whatever) and that was his way of wooing me and I must admit I did kind of like it so I can maybe kinda see why some taggers do it (obviously not the ones who are trying to establish turf). I’ve also written my name / initials in wet concrete, which is about the same in principle. In the first instance, I was young and it was romantic. In the second, I guess I didn’t see it see it as a huge deal. In all instances it was vandalism and an assholeish thing to do. Sorry Mangetout, I know you only asked for first hand accounts but none of those dirty rotten scoundrels seems to be coming forth.

Youth? No.