Were you ever really persistent in achieving something minor?

I once tried to get a certain bottle cap.

I searched the internet, I called up old friends and I even went to bars asking them for a bottle cap. It is now about two months later and I now hold in my hand three Ballantine 1.75L bottle caps. I can not even begin to describe how cool this feels.

Since no one wants to listen to what sounds like a lame achievement, I have decided to start a new thread. Now I can talk about it even more, since all the time I spent looking for a bottle cap actually got me my bottle cap!

What happened was that I e-mailed the Ballantine production team asking them where I could buy caps. The guy e-mailed me back saying that it would be no problem for him to just mail me the caps. Three weeks later I got my caps.

What small things have you been really persistent in obtaining. You can post about things that you have already accomplished or things that you are still trying to achieve.

I don’t know if it’s considered minor - it wasn’t for me - but I once knitted a sweater for my SO.
I had never learned to knit and a friend helped me.

#$$##&%&## I hated knitting. After I knitted - with a lot of pain and cussing - about half a backside, my friend came, told me I made a mistake and got it ALL out.

I was really persistent in obtaining - and stubborn too - a sweater for my sweetie, so I went on. Though I was often temped to throw the thing in the nearest ditch.

When it was finally finished, it was about six sizes too big. He never wore it.

Well, there was that whole shoe-tying experience back in 1962…I was very determined.

Right now I haven’t yet accomplished the task, but I’m determined to succeed in learning how to put in contact lenses. I’ve flunked the training class 6 times now, but I’m not giving up!

Oh, and knitting…finally succeeded after starting 32 years ago…thanks, Lillith Fair!

Every day, when I go to work…

No, but Michael Jackson was.

Took me about a solid day of trying to see “magic eye” puzzles.

Took me more than several solid days of trying to do the “pencil trick” – where you balance a pencil between your thumb and index or middle finger, then pull toward you with your finger causing the pencil to rotate around your thumb and wind up in the same position you started it in. Now I do it subconsciously when I’m holding a pencil or pen. (btw if anyone wants to know how to do that, it’s easier with a large object such as a solid wood yardstick, since they go slower and are easier to balance.)

But there are some people I see who can twirl the pencil around their index finger and middle finger, to have it rest between their middle and ring finger, then continue to rotate on down the line, then reverse the motion and go back! Still haven’t succeeded at that, and I’m not putting any more effort into it.

It took me six months of solid grueling work to be able to raise my right eyebrow, like so: :dubious:

I don’t regret a minute of it, although I’m a little perturbed that my left eyebrow will do nothing.

I’ve put more effort than I should have into certain games. Most notably, I’m pretty sure I missed a few classes in college trying to get under 100 seconds in Minesweeper. (Actually, that was totally worth it, even if I can’t even remember my best score now . . . 92? 88? One of those.)

:high-fives Case Sensitive :

Setting up port forwarding on my network router at home.

Turns out the VOIP box was the culprit.

Man, I spent the better part of two weekends figuring that out…

I’ve put some real effort into finding friends from my past. Lengthy internet searches, calling numbers that seemed likely, writing the VA, etc. I’d say I’ve found about half the people I’ve searched for.

I forced myself to learn one accent every two months. So far I have five and half in my repertoire. This website has recordings of more accents than you’ll ever want to know.

I looked high and low for a record, for 36 years. I finally found it on the internet, for seven dollars - and it was an original 1954 45 RPM single, as opposed to the 78 that I accidentally broke back in 1966. I’m sure that without internet resources, I’d still be looking for it.

Tried for 30 years to find Rock and Egg Roll by Buddy Hackett. Finally got it.