West Coast found in Memphis: manifest destiny earlier than expected

This isn’t really a rant, but something that caught my eye. This article describes a fugitive leading police on a “cross-country” chase from New York to Memphis. Maybe as a resident of the West Coast I’m being too sensitive, but… do New York newswriters know that more states were admitted to the Union after 1800?

Yeah, yeah, I know that “cross-country” can also mean along the back roads, through the countryside, as in “cross-country skiing.” Still… for the savings of a few extra letters they could have put “multi-state” chase. Unless there’s some new beachfront property along the new Arkansas Ocean I was unaware of…

You haven’t heard about the Big Quake last Tuesday?

Dude, where’ve you been?

Basically half the country lives east of the Mississippi.

Most of us regard “California” as a big joke, to be taken lightly and laughed at.

Insert Mississippi joke:… HERE.

Well NY to southern TN is a line that nearly bisects the country from north to south…or close enough to serve as a simple descriptor for a news story. Calm thyself.

That’s nice, but we look much better, feel much better and play better electric guitar to boot.

I’ll challenge you straight up man to man for any of those three. I’ll even take odds.

A side note on this story:

The guy (allegedly) committed the sexual assault for which he’s wanted about two blocks from my good friend’s apartment in New York. And they caught the guy about two blocks from my home in Memphis.

That’s all I have to add here. I was hoping someone would post something about this story so I could mention it.

BTG my favorite would be the latter… less idiocy and more objectiveness, I think.

So that’s where I left that coast I’d been looking for! Tennessee! Man, it’s always in the last place you think to look.
On the other hand, Lewis and Clark are going to be bummed. They went all the way out West when there was a coast a few hundred miles from Washington, DC?

Ogre is actually right. It’s not what you usually think when you hear “cross-country,” but it’s not so bad. MapQuest says it’s more than 1,000 miles of road from New York City to Memphis; in a country that’s about 3,000 miles wide, I think that fits the bill.

Well I think we must consider the last relevant major news item…

18 year old kid shot his girlfriend’s mom and dad… then she trucked off with him.

Do we really want to “one up” here?

I play acoustic, and I’m not that great yet. But soon my skills will be superior to yours, and we will do battle for great justice.

Damn. Now everyone knows, and the beaches here are probably going to start getting really crowded.

Yeah, you’re too sensitive. You’re confusing “cross country” with “across the country”. “Cross Country” almost never means “Coast-to-Coast”, and generally means what you give as an “also”. It sounds better than “multi-state”, which I rarely hear .

Can I tell the kids on our local Cross Country teams that they can stop in Memphis or do they have to keep going all the way until California before you’ll be satisfied, Fish?