West Hollywood Dopers--good coffeeshop/cafe near Harper and Santa Monica?

I have a 7:30PM appointment at Harper and Santa Monica in WeHo. Because I live on the other side of the 405 and the traffic is unpredictably bad (except that it will be bad–I can always predict that), I leave quite early for these appointments and usually wind up with between a half-hour and an hour to kill.

I’m looking for a place where I can plug in my laptop and get some work done, but I haven’t yet found any really good place to do that. There’s a small Starbuck’s about a half-mile beyond Harper, but there are no electrical sockets there. Moreover, the unusually bright interior, due to wrap-around windows, make it difficult to see the dim screen when the battery is being used.

Strangely for such a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, I haven’t seen any other coffeeshops, around. There doesn’t seem to be a Pete’s, or a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or any place like that.

I don’t need to worry about internet access because I bring my own. I just need a place I can sit indoors and use my computer, with an electrical outlet.
Could there be some independent places that I just haven’t noticed yet?

It has been nine years since I lived there, but I used to like to go to Buzz Coffee House on Santa Monica Blvd., about a block east of Harper.
And there is always Silver Spoon across the street from Buzz - a great place to see a bunch of “B” actors hanging out early in the day during the weekdays.
Of course, there is always French Market (corner of Laurel), but that gets a tad busy and I doubt they have anywhere to plug in a laptop.