West L.A. Dopers: Why must we "Stop LAX!"?

I live about 10 miles north of LAX, in the not-quite-Brentwood neighborhood of Barrington and Santa Monica. Recently I’ve started to notice that somebody has stapled up few red signs around the neighborhood that read “Stop LAX!”

Well, OK. I can see how the people down in Westchester and El Segundo might be getting all worked up over proposals to build an offsite check-in terminal for LAX. And I agree that OC’s decision to convert the El Toro air base into a “Great Park” instead of converting it to a commercial airport so they could shoulder their share of the traffic burden, was selfish and irresponsible.

But why should we have to worry about it when we live 10 miles away?

First they came for Westchester, and I did not speak out –
because I was not in Westchester.
Then they came for El Segundo, and I did not speak out –
because I was not in El Segundo.
Then they came for the O.C., and I did not speak out –
because I was not in the O.C.
Then they came for me –
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Seriously, though? I have no idea.

Your address may be a clue. (Lucky bastard! I’d love to live under the SMO’s traffic pattern! – actually, I used to; but a couple miles east.)

People have been clamouring to close down SMO for many years. Seems they intentionally moved next to an airport, and then decided to complain about the noise. I don’t know, since I’m no longer in L.A., but I suspect that people are claiming that SMO will ‘turn into’ LAX because of its jet traffic. (Of course, large jets can’t operate out of there.)

Here seems to be a site for some Westside opponents to the LAX expansion plan:


SMO=Santa Monica Airport, right? Is there a plan afoot to open that airport to some airline traffic?

That’s what the link above claims. Some of the excess jet traffic would be diverted to Santa Monica.

I believe that SMO has a runway length of 5000 feet. I remember my dad telling me about a 737 that landed at DAG, which has about a 6000 foot runway, but it was an emergency.

While SMO is too small for commercial jet traffic, it’s a good place for business executives to come to L.A. in business jets.

We wouldn’t have this problem if the folks in Orange County actually used their airport instead of hogging ours. :wink:

:confused: I flown to airports with 6000 foot runways, and there’s been nothing emergency about it…and I know of at least one 5000 foot runway which takes 737s.

Jets do land at SMO. According to the annual report of the airport there were over 135,000 jet operations at the airport in 2004. Jets were banned from the airport for several years in the past.

I am not famillar with the particular airports under discussion, however, who can and can’t land at a particular airport is not just a matter of the length of the runway - what it’s made of, how much weight it can support, and obstacles on either end of the runway. As well the locals deciding they may not way a particular kind of traffic in the area.

GorillaMan: Obviously, small passenger jets can operate from 6000ft runways; but the one that landed at DAG did have an emergency. What I was getting at is that SMO isn’t in an ideal situation to handle passenger jet traffic.

That’s true, but – and I haven’t looked it up – those operations are are Gulfstreams, Cessna, Lears, etc. and not Boeings.

I can’t see them ever expanding operations to Boeing-class traffic. They give enough grief to helicopters, which aren’t nearly as noisy. In a helicopter approaching from the north and landing on the north side, you have to maintain pattern altitude until you cross Ocean Blvd. (unless they changed it since I’ve flown there). You almost have to autorotate to land on the taxiway! (In fact, I did split the needles once when I was light.) People who buy houses next to airports tend to not like ‘airplane noise’.

There’s a field north of LAX across Lincoln. Streets and slabs. I heard that the residents complained about the noise from LAX, so they were bought out and their houses razed. That’s not going to happen in Santa Monica.