West Wing Slash

Provoked by Monday Nights on Bravo, watching it happen.
Is there such a thing?

CJ and the short Republican?

Donna and Kate Harper?

Charlie and Mrs. Bartlett?

Dear Lord.

Google is your friend. :smiley:


The Big Block of Cheese: The West Wing Slash Archive

West Wing BDSM


Thus further proving the assertion that if you can conceive of it, someone’s written slash about it.


I was being funny.

I didn’t think anyone would really…

Our President…(gasp)

Just curious, if one is interested in finding out if there is slash written about a particular series, do you just google Series Name Slash?

Never joke about slash unless you’re feeling particularly masochistic that day. It’ll always come back to haunt you. :eek:

Oh Lord, they’re coming out of the woodwork.
What’s next, Wizard of Oz slash? Dorothy and the Tin Man?
What have I done?

Apparently so.

Not for the faint of heart, including me: