West Wing: who works for who?

I can never keep all the secretaries/assistants straight. I’m pretty sure Carol works for CJ and Margaret works for Leo. I think Ginger works for Toby. Cathy used to work for Sam. Donna obviously works for Josh. But there’s Nancy left over. Who does she work for?

Also, what’s the names of the two guys who are always shown together? Are they Ed and Larry?

And do any of these people have last names?

Lisa : “Which one’s Ed and which one’s Larry?”
Ed & Larry : “Doesn’t matter.”

(Ed, by the way, is the Asian one. I think.)

And this is a great site for just about any WW related question. But there’s a list of the secondary characters, and their roles.

Nancy, I believe, is just a general admin - a secretary to the secretaries… And besides, she’s played by Martin Sheen’s daughter so… I doubt she needs a real job :wink:

Meant to point out that you had all the others correct, by the way.

Thanks, that site had all the information I was looking for.