West Wing

Any other fans out there? Good actors, good plotlines. The only thing that somewhat bugs me is the beehive/antfarm impression you get from looking at the dozens of members of the staff constantly criss-crossing the corridors. Haven’t been to the White House lately, but this “Grand Central at rush hour” atmosphere seems a bit of a stretch to me.

I have a nagging problem with one tiny part of one episode.

President Martin Sheen was saying that his teenage daughter expressed her pro-choice views in a teen magazine. Soon after, he said, some fundie nutjob organization mailed her a “Raggedy Ann doll with a knife in its throat.”

How do you mail that exactly? Wouldn’t the knife fall out during transit? Was it a tall box? I know, it’s really nitpicky but it bugged me.

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

Tape the knife in.

Actually, it would be doubtful that either the president or his daughter would see the package. Boxes to the president are opened by security people and disposed of in one way or another (food is thrown away; other gifts are sent thank you notes). The president would most likely never see them, though I suppose the contents might be reported to him.