Westboro Bapt Church makes Freepers look good. . . literally!

So the Phelps family was trying to spread their little message of hatred near Arlington Nat’l Cemetary on Memorai Day. And the best counter-demostrators the Associated Press could come up were

So the Freepers get to condemn other groups “hateful messages.” I guess there were no Nazis around to interview.

Still it would have been nice to see it reported that one of the Freepers had coldcocked one of the Phelps.

I know Kristinn. He and his buddy form these two-man counter-demonstrations every time there’s a peace rally. We always ignored him. The last peace march I went to at the White House, we drowned them out about 1,000 to 2. He sure is dedicated, though.

I sat next to him at a Code Pink rally at a church in DC a couple months ago, the one with the Iraqi women touring America. When the program was about to start, they needed someone to hook up their audio, so Kristinn got up and gallantly volunteered to fix it for them. I overheard him saying to his buddy, “This is the church where Bill Clinton attended Easter services and then went straight to Monica Lewinsky for a blowjob.”

Freeps were in the news a month or two ago when Phelps was outside Walter Reed Army Hospital where wounded Iraq veterans are staying. The Freeps opposed Phelps there too. Code Pink has a regular presence outside Walter Reed too, with the message “Support the troops—Bring them home.” I was absent that day, but I would have gone over to the Freeps and said “Different though our views on the war are, I totally agree with you on this, good job for once.” So yeah, I agree with the thread title.

I’m disappointed. I was hoping for some “Phelps eye for the freeper guy” here.

Someone called Kristinn is a man?

Actually, I’ve heard the theory that that is exactly how the Phelps & Westboro church support themselves. Note that they are lawyers, and that they are not inexperienced in suing according to their Wiki entries, and that they are always trying to do the most offensive protests imaginable (not necessarily always favoring the right wing). They are hoping to be “coldcocked”, so they can sue the city for failing to provide adequate protection.

So its like a real life version of trolling.


With a beard, no less.

No. A Freeper.

Hey, Nifty, accusations of trolling have no place anywhere on the SDMB (:D).

So, let me see if I have this straight. These “freeper” guys go and counterprotest whenever anyone, of any political stripe holds a rally? If so, that sounds both weird and oddly endearing.

What’s her name?

LOL, thanks for the laugh of the day, Sublight!

No, Freeper is a nickname of denizens of freerepublic.com. I hesitate to post a link, I think we had a board war with them once.

Freepers are far, far right wing nutjobs-- but not nearly as nutjobby as WBC. Although from a quick check of their website it appears they have toned things down a little bit. They seem to really be playing up patriotic support-the-troops, rather calling the US government a giant liberal conspiracy.

But it just shows how evil WBC really is, approaching the same level as Nazis and the KKK. Anyone criticizing WBC automatically has the high ground.

Margaret Cho has publically threatened gang violence against the likes of Phelps.

“The great fan base I have built up over many years in the business comes to see me with a lot of anticipation, and they have a lot invested in what I might have to say. And they can fucking fight. They will throw down in a fucking split second, and I really don’t want to see any of you protestors get hurt. Queens do not play. They will fucking kill you. Lesbians know how to throw a punch that will leave a very large bruise, and they aren’t opposed to kicking men right in the balls. The underrepresented, unvoiced, ignored part of our population, the great many people who make up the Cho Army, are something you are unaware of, and they’re pretty much the gang not to fuck with. We are the baddest motherfuckers on the block. I don’t want to see anyone get injured, emotionally or physically. I don’t want to see a drag queen make you cry. Which will happen if you show up with your picket signs and pamphlets.”
I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight, p. 10-11