Western movie trivia question

A friend was nicknamed “Jeck” after a cowgirl (lead character) in a Western, released circa 1958. But I can’t for the life of me figure the title. Any ideas ?

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O.K., clearly you’ve got something wrong in your description of the character. I went to the Internet Movie Database and looked for all female characters named Jeck and found none. In fact, there’s only a few with names containing the string of letters “jeck”.

Try the following: Go to the Internet Movie Database complex search page (http://us.imdb.com/list) and enter “Western” on the genre and “1958” on the year. Restrict your search to no TV series. Look through the resulting list and click on any movies that look promising. If it’s not there, then try the years 1959 and 1957, then 1960 and 1956, etc.

I tried this for “Western” and “1958”, but there doesn’t even seem to be any 1958 Westerns with female lead characters. You should be able to find the film in less than an hour, assuming you have anything like a correct name for the character, but frankly I think that there’s something wrong in your description of the film and character. Are you working from your memory or from someone else’s memory of the film? If the latter, go back to them and ask them for more information about the film.

Thanks for the link, pardner. I’ll go work on it, with your suggestions in mind.