We've already decided what you are, now we're just negotiating a price.

I’m reading the new issue of FHM and there’s a collection of allegedly true anecdotes from women telling how they’ve exchanged sexual favors for something they wanted. Alongside the stories of sex for trips, pay raises, stereo equipment, health club memberships, cosmetic surgery, etc, was the story from Marci, who tells how she and her roommate had a threesome with a pizza delivery guy in order to get a $34 pizza for free. Marci, who apparently has no idea of the “street value” of a threeway with two young girls, says it was “not a bad deal.”

Not that Marci was the cheapest on the market. Dana ran out of quarters in a laundramat and agreed to take off her clothes and sit around naked while her laundry was being done in exchange for a man giving her four dollars worth of quarters.

You have to feel sorry for hard working prostitutes and strippers, who are trying to make a living, and have to compete against women like this driving down prices.


Oh yeah, ya gotta believe everything they write in FHM, a publication that, when it first appeared in England, was derided as “For Horny Men.” Shouldn’t it be on the same rack as Weekly World News?

Operation Mindfuck is apparently working better than anticipated.

$34.00 for a PIZZA???

So what happened after the director said ‘Cut’?

I dunno about you guys, but I’d engage in a threesome with two young girls in exchange for a pizza.:smiley:

But where the hell do you get a $34 pizza?

FHM? What the hell is FHM?

Female Horny Magazine?
Fred’s Hot Maidens?
Financial (w)Hore Monthy?
Free Hormone Magazine?

Enquiring minds want to know!


The 2002 Guiness Book of World Records lists the largest commercial pizza as The Colossel. It is 3 feet by 4 feet and requires about two pounds of sauce to make.
I’d have a threesome for it.

Yeah, but it’s a REALLY GOOD pizza :smiley:

Back when I worked at a pawn shop, the manager would accept oral sex from a customer he knew in exchange for payments on a loan. Had I known the guy would turn into the dick that he was, I would have told his wife. Oddly enough, the customer and I went to the same high school at about the same time. She was VERY popular and now I know why.

FHM = For him magazine. Slightly trashier than Maxim, no?


Hey, that’s competition in the open market, baybee! Sufficient demand brings out more producers and all sorts of innovative products, placing a cap on pricing and benefitting the consumer.

I think these entrepreneurial young women are role models, and that those who (just as an example which crossed my mind) want their threads moved should learn from their fine example.

“I never believed the letters in your mag until this happened to me…”

But the important question is did the have the pizza or the threesome first? You don’t want the pizza to go cold, after all… So did the pizza guy just watch them eat it and then they did it? And wouldn’t the pizza company be worried at how long it took him?

Really… if you’ve just been offered a threesome, there are things you need to consider first… it’s not something you can just jump into like it were a kettle of fish or something.

Shit. I need to start going to laundromats! :smiley:

Or maybe I should be a pizza deliverer.

Make sure you bring plenty of quarters.


I use a laundromat and I have delivered pizzas. Why didn’t any of this stuff happen to me? :frowning:

Cause plumbing’s where it’s at, baybee!

Or Tv repairing.

And yeah. FHM is pretty bad. I bought it expecting it to be like the Maxim’s we used to read in my North American high school. Instead I got softcore penthouse. Complete with “females” “writing in” stories about how they liked to jack off.