Whaaaaa! The Ark Park is sinking...

… because of Obamacare!!


No, you brain-dead Aussie asshole, Ken “Hamboner” “Pig Porker” “Flim Flam” “Hamalamadingdong” Ham, if anything - it’s a sign from your non-existant deity that your ‘museum’ of vacuous crap is garbage. Why can’t we permanently deport this waste of space?

Check out the full article here: http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2013/09/god-moves-in-my.html

And here I was thinking Ken Ham was blaming the failure of the park on Obamacare for some reason…

I never understood why anybody cares about Ken Ham. Maybe it’s an Australian thing. I live in Georgia, USA, and we’ve had plenty of crazy religious people build museums and what not. The Tama Re even built a fucking pyramid.

I’m Australian and had never heard of him until this thread: turns out he’s yours now!

Seriously, we might be a nation of convicts and crackpots, but we have** standards** man. Somebody like Ham would never survive the ridicule here. We continue to thank OG for the United States of America where the utter dregs of humanity can have a voice, and even better, promote WONDERFUL new investment opportunities.


I hate to break it to you buddy, but Ken’s based in Queensland. He’s still yours. I could maybe call Kansas up and trade trade you Fred Phelps, though. We should make trading cards and make game out of it.

People worse than Ham (including Meryl Dorey* and her fellow antivax loons at the AVN) have managed to survive in Australia (despite censure in the press and criticism by many others).

*known for profundities like claiming that no one ever died of whooping cough and that measles means “a gift from the goddess” in Sanskrit. To be fair, she is an export from the U.S. (and you can keep her).

Well, Queensland is sort of like the Kansas of Australia.

Still, millions of square miles dedicated to Freddie Mercury…pretty cool!

Ken Ham loses to webcomics.