WHACK! in the face once again...(9/11/01)

I was sent this URL in my e-mail:

(sorry, don’t feeel like coding it into text)

It never ends, does it? I flew to LA last weekend. Thursday, I will hop a plane to Amarillio because my grandmother died, and I have to be there for the service. I have no fear of flying, indeed, it would take a bold terrorist indeed to try a hijack now. But…But…But SHIT!
What happened. All the people…people like me. I have no special claim to life, hell, I’d be willing to bet that all of the dead had at least as good a claim to life as I have…Still…
I’ve just realized there is no point to this post. Survivor’s guilt? A bit. Horror at what happened? A lot. I dunno where this is going, it’s wandering aimlessly. I just know that I am crying for what I had as an American, and what I have lost. People whom I have never met, whom I wish only the best for, have been conditioned to hate me. Why? There is no answer. There…is…NO…answer. And that sucks.

I’m learning to live with it. It just seems so unnessary. I have no doubt that we will punish and kill those responsible, and the terrorists will stand horrified before the God they defiled as they get their just deserts. I just…can’t cry hard enough. Damn.
Faces. The above link put faces to the dead. I can easialy see those I care for on that wall…