Whammo schwammo!

We’re waiting…

I quote from the Vegas Dopefest 2000 notes:

"You better have gottn laid, Whammo!"

So where were ya Whammo?

Oh, thanks, guys. Leave it at that. We innocent stay at home types will just go to bed; visions of spangled showgirls with tassles and yard-long legs dancing in our heads…

Don’t worry about us, really. It’s okay. You’re having fun.

Silo! Whammo! techchick!, get in here right now and fill us in on the gathering. No details are too tawdry.


maybe we shouldn’t wait all together…it looks a little obvious and impatient of us…

I’ll go to the store for chips and dip and beer…yell if I miss anything.

You see: Whammo lives nearby the strip. And he didn’t make the Saturday night party. So we’re all wondering what he was up to.

I just spent all day on the airplane and I have school to attend tomorrow. So there’s plenty of stuff to talk about, but I’m tired and have other stuff to attend to at the moment. So a little down time (for all of us) and the details will be forthcoming. k :wink:

Silo, you have an SDMB Monitor’s Pass. You partook, you spent a hard in travel, you face a day of school…

But Whammo? Dwelling near the Strip? Oddly absent in proximity to vampirous show girls; Siegfried, Roy and their furry sidekicks; minor Mafioso and a whole damned buffet of temptation?

Nah, explanations are needed, in minute detail; pictures preferred.

“Puritanism is the haunting belief that somewhere, people are enjoying life.”



Here’s the link to the official thread I started.

Keep in mind I am pooped out and my posts really suck but it gives you some starting point!

My brain is short circuiting!

Well fer God’s sake, I could at least post the damn thread link.

Anyone up for Dopefest 2001? If it’s any indication of our weekend, booze, gambling, beatle in boxer shorts and no Whammo – butthead :wink: