What 70's Sci-Fi show was this?

Not much to go on here. There was an episode from a Sci-Fi show in the 70’s where some higher being made some whistle, which caused something supernatural to happen.

I remember the exact cadence of the whistling, but that’s about it. I think the guy was wearing a flowing white robe, and was an older man, and when he whistled some portal opened. Or something.

It would probably be from something like Wonder Woman, or The Bionic Woman.

No mic here for the whistle sound, but if someone linked to it I’d know it immediately.

Patrick Macnee had a guest spot on Battlestar Galactica that somewhat fits your description. I don’t specifically remember any whistling, and can’t find a clip online, but does this picture look familiar?

I remember this too, but the details are too hazy to give you more info. I want to say the guy was supposed to be an alien or something on an episode of Wonder Woman, but I am not positive.

Well, yes. Because it’s Patrick Macnee. :slight_smile: Actually, I do kinda remember that episode, especially the [del]crystalline entity[/del] glowing spaceship, but I don’t think that’s it.

The whistling was kind of hypnotic and echoing. Did it open a locked door? Vaguely recalling that…

Could’ve also been from Buck Rogers, Isis or Shazaam. I pretty much watched them all.

I retract my previous post. I was thinking of the guy in this episode, who apparently was a regular guest on the show. However, from viewing the clip, his powers appear to come from the funky amulet he wears, not whistling. Skimming through the episode guide doesn’t produce anything that jogs my memory. Sorry.

Dammit, I can remember that whistle so clearly too! They zoomed in on his lips while he was doing it.

Is it the Shadmock, from the 1980 film The Monster Club?


I think the Wonder Woman episode from above is the correct answer, later in the show Andros whistles to open doors on his spacecraft and activate other functions. WW copies his whistle to gain access to his craft. You-Tube has this episode in several parts.

I knew the OP wasn’t asking about that but I did think of it. That was actually one unsettling story, also the one about the ghoul village.

You’re right! No wonder I thought it was Buck Rogers - it’s the same dude.

For Apocalypso and everyone else, here’s the whistle at ~the 1:00 mark.

Thanks all!

Hmmm, the clips in the episode guide were pretty short, and I couldn’t find the whistle in those, so I dismissed WW.
That is it indeed. Good job Icerigger!

I am gratified!:slight_smile:

Off topic, but DAMN Lynda Carter is hot (then and still)!