What a lovely song! -Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Only discovered these guys late last year, but I really love White Winter Hymnal and He Doesn’t Know Why

And you’ve just reminded me that I think they’re playing London sometime in the next few months - really should check if there are still tickets…

I discovered them a year or two ago, after Rolling Stone raved about them. This song, in particular, has a very 1960s feel to it.

LOVE Fleet Foxes. New album finally coming out in May.

I think this might one of those bands that everyone likes different songs by. I think the song mentioned in this thread is a different one than is receiving airplay now (altho I might be wrong.) Which is also different than the one song I like by them (Ragged Wood.)

I saw them in concert so long ago I can’t even remember when it was…two years ago, I think.

I’m always wary when it takes so long for an album to come out. I’m scared they’re going to be a one-album band.