What a sweet kid! (Warning way TMI murderous psychopathic babble)

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Yeah, let’s bake chocolate chip, brain cookies one afternoon while watching a family film like, “Natural Born Killers” on the telly. How sad that this is the only way he got attention and he thinks it’s cool. Not to sound paranoid but you just can’t trust anyone anymore. sigh

This guy needs to be locked into a padded cell in a straight jacket, doped to the gills.


Thanks. Why oh why did I read that right before going to bed?

Seems like a nice enough fellow to me.

Now that is chilling. Im surprised he hasn’t just slit his wrists to fulfill his yearning for lots and lots of blood.

I think he does.

I thought it was weird when I found out that one of my friends has this thing she can’t control where she cuts herself whenever she gets dumped or rejected.

And now this.

At least it’s not as bad as Consensual Cannibalism, German-style.

Uhm, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it illegal for felons to make profit off of their crimes (ie- illegal for them to publish a book about the murders they’ve done?)

I have to agree with Eddie Izzard’s take on the situation. (misquoted, I’m sure) “They lock you in a room and stare at you through a small window… Forever.”

"…I’m a “Lynch,” it runs through [our] blood. Just like jail!.."

Nothing like a quality upbringing and family background.

"I want to write about all of the people I’ve killed"

I got the killing one more in the future to get the DP part, but did this cretin confess to other (past) murders as well?

On that news site there is a link to a five page story about this kid and the muder he comitted.

He claims to have murdered 35 other people “and they’ll never find the bodies” the article comes right out and says that it is meerly his own murdeous fantasy.

I missed the link. Thanks, Çyrin. I’m glad to see that his murder spree was stopped at 1.

What’s really chilling is that he’s a dead wringer for an aquaintance of mine except he wears wire frames.

Oh, and he’s not a psychopathic muderer, either. Although he doesn’t like it when I hack Star Trek.