What about a "Cite" Field?

I think it would be extremely useful to provide a “cite” field. We have ones for quotes and lists. What about one for cites? I can think of numerous benefits.[ul][li] Ease of locating cites within an OP or reply.[/li]
[li] Ease of spotting cites used in a post for the purposes of moderation.[/li]
[li] Reduced server load due to fewer searches for cites during the composition of replies.[/li]
[li] Reduced server search times for specific “cite” fields.[/ul]The cite tag could be automatically color coded for ease of recognition. I would think its use could eventually be made mandatory to promote consistency of posting style.[/li]
Tubadiva, Jerry, Lynn … what do you think of this idea? It would look something like this:[**

Replace the word “quote” with “cite” and there you have it. Any excerpted material from the linked site would be within the field making everyone’s job easier.

I fail to see how this would reduce the server load as you suggest, Zenster. Are you familiar with database searching theory and practice or just guessing how that works?

And the other proposed advantages seem marginal at best, IMHO.

That’s not a vB function. You know we’re not fans of hacking the system; the further afield we go from plain vb, the harder it gets to maintain the board.

And I don’t see where it would do much good . . . would do nothing to reduce the server load. Would make it easier to read for comprehension, I guess, but ya know what? You’re all smart folks . . . well, most of you. . . y’all can figure it out.

your humble TubaDiva

[ul]:smiley: [sup]I resemble that remark.[/sup][/ul]

If anything, this would raise the server load. It’s just more data that the server needs to serve.

I can’t see where there’s been much of a problem as far as cites are concerned – unless it’s in GD, the domain of which I’d fear to tread. :slight_smile:

“This information came from here …”, “From this page …” “I’m quoting from x book …” does fairly well for me.

Zenster, why don’t you pass along your idea to the vB dudes. If they like it, they can incorporate it in an upgrade. Then it won’t be a SDMB hack.

Maybe they’ll even give you an award. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. Just trying to help.