What About Brian 11/20

Well, rocking chair, here we go again…Does no one else around here watch this show?
See you later…

I watch it and I am looking forward to tonight. Brian moves on, at least to the point of dating someone else. Barry Williams is growing up nicely.

Does the quirky open-marriage couple have a chance to reunite? I hope so; they are a good pair.

Dave and Deena are supposed to work out some kind of unique custody arrangement, but it would be a shame if they remained separated.

welcome to brianland, gigi!

i can’t believe i’m still watching this. it is an odd show, yet i find it hard to stop.

I missed what happened to David at the end; was he panicking or having a stroke or what?!

I thought he was having a heart attack, though I don’t recall him saying anything about it later.
The Brian and Bridget fling was predictable, but I wasn’t expecting Deena to go into the cupcake business.

i think it was a panic attack. he was realizing how deep into corporate he was getting.

poor nic. trying to mourn and being cheered up. it is tough there are days you just want to hole up and cry. friends and family can’t deal with the pain and either start to pull back or cheer you up.

hhhhhmmmm, a vegas wedding… that’s gonna work out just fine.