What actor has fallen the furthest since their Oscar?

I’m of the opinion that winning an Oscar allows someone to make crap for many, many years afterwards.

But who’s fallen the furthest?

For the purposes of this conversation, let’s limit the Oscar-winning to Best Actor/Actress/Supporting Actor/Supporting Actress. This automatically disqualifies Sylvester Stallone.

Is it Kim Basinger, who made the horrible Cellular and Elvis Has Left the Building?

Let’s try to keep it contemporary, as well. Hearing about someone from the '20’s is of no interest to me, either.


[stalks haughtily out of thread with scintillating posts about Janet Gaynor and Luise Rainer]

Cuba Gooding, Jr.

That wouldn’t have been much of a fall, though.


[stalks haughtily out of thread with scintillating posts about Janet Gaynor and Luise Rainer]

You’re in troouuubbble!

**Halle Berry. ** Die Another Day. Gothika. Catwoman. Robots. that episode of “Punk’d”

Jamie Foxx went from the great Ray to the steaming pile that is Stealth.

Dear god. Chill Factor alone should be enough for him to win this contest easily.

Wasn’t he in Boat Trip. If this is true (I refuse to look up that movie) then he is going to be hard to beat.

He gets my vote!

Louis Gosset, Jr: from An Officer and A Gentleman to Iron Eagle 4.

Yeah, that’s the one I was thinking of, specifically. I saw the previews to that two and a half years ago and am still suffering PTSD.

I think Eve and I are starting to meld into one person. I came in here specifically to make a smartmouth comment about Louise Rainer and she beat me to it. Again.

Yep. He was also in Snow Dogs. That’s the hat trick.

That may’ve been bad - I didn’t want to see it - but even if it was bad, he hasn’t had time to fall far enough. Stealth was still a big-budget action movie. Cuba Gooding couldn’t get into an action movie if he was in a crowd scene.

Also, he must have still been working on it when he got his Oscar for Ray, so it’s not quite a post-Oscar stinker for the guy.

So, what’s Marisa Tomei been up to, lately?

I’m not sure that’s really fair. Ray was released in 1994, and Foxx won the oscar in early '95. Stealth was released in '95. Therefore, I’d assume that Foxx filmed Stealth long before he won the Oscar.

And I agree that doing big-budget schlock is quite different from doing crappy B-movies. Nicolas Cage spent many a year as Jerry Bruckheimer’s gigolo, but I’d assume that was because he chose to do those movies, rather than because he couldn’t get anything better.

Cuba Gooding Jr., on the other hand…

She was in a Hanes underwear commercial.

Cuba was what I came in to say.

Patty Duke sure has been in a lot of crappy movies. A few years back, I just wanted to cry when I saw that she was starring in a made-for-TV “Amityville” horror flick. How the mighty have fallen.

**Kevin Spacey ** followed up his Oscar for **American Beauty ** with some craptacular movies such as **Pay it Forward ** and the one about the guy on Death Row in Texas that is so bad I can’t even remember the name of it.