What Actors/Actresses Have Taken Steroids for Prep for a Movie?

I know I am going to be called a one trick pony pretty soon on this roid thing. But seriously, I thought it would be an interesting topic.

I think many actors/actresses do a cycle of roids to get ready for a movie where they need to look buff. This is totally an opinion thread (don’t want to get sued by some actor that comes across the sdmb and sees his or her name pop up saying they use roids.)

I think Demi Moore did in “GI Jane”. No way she could get that big and stong naturally in the amount of time she took to prepare for that movie.

I wonder about Linda Hamilton in “Terminator II”. She looked pretty buff but I also heard she trained for a long time before that flick so she might have got it naturallly.

I think Nicolus Cage did in one of his movies can’t remember which one.

Tom Cruise I think has for a couple of diffeent movies(look real cut and big in one movie then ALOT smaller in another one.

Well do you agree with these or not?

And what other actors do you think stuck the ole pin in the glutes to get big?

Bill, Bill, Bill…

shaking head

Don’t know about those guys, but FWIW, when Christopher Reeves was getting ready to do the first Superman movie, they wanted to put foam padding underneath his costume to give him muscles. He wanted nothing to do with it, so he spent the next month working out with a personal trainer. The first week, he worked out everyday until he puked or passed out. Thirty days later he was buffed.

Call me Captain Obvious here, but the most likely Hollywood candidate for 'roids would have to be Aah-nuld himself. I know his alleged steroid usage period would most likely have predated his Hollywood career, but come on – nobody would have the health problems he’s had (heart valve replacement surgery among them) with the level of fitness he has without having used 'roids or something similar.

And as for Linda Hamilton, I remember having read somewhere the amount of training she did to prepare for T2, and IMHO, she most likely got those muscles fair and square.

Yea maybe Linda did do naturally. But I still bet Demi Moore did them. I mean if she would cut her hair off for money, I am sure she would do some gear too.

Another one that came to mind was Ed Norton in “American History X”. He was buff in that flick and I didn’t even recognize him in “Rounders”.

I have no doubt that some actors do a round of steriods to prepare for their roles, but I also think it’s important to remember that things like lighting, make-up, stance, and weight loss can have a similar effect.

Perhaps looking back to the old days . . . Charles Atlas? Rock Hudson? Back in the day people didn’t know as much/the stuff wasn’t illegal?

I saw Ah-nuld on Letterman a few years ago and Dave asked him if he had ever used steroids. Arnie replied “Sure.” He then went on to claim that he stopped because they didn’t work. Right.