What all achievements and innovations has google made in the last 20 years

The irony of the fact that I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer on google is not lost on me. So I came here.

I know Google created Android, which is the world’s major mobile platform.

Their search engine has trillions of URLs and is the most popular search engine on earth.

Google earth was very innovative, was this the first satellite based consumer project like this?

Google maps (not sure if that was a first though, I recall using some maps programs in the late 90s).

Google street view.

Google chrome (most popular web browser)

They have worked on self driving cars

Project CALICO is investing in anti-aging technology

They are currently investing in AI (this and CALICO will more pay dividends down the road, I’m not sure how much they’ve done so far with them).

I’m sure they have done a lot of other things too. While trying to think of corporations that have helped drive innovation, Google seems to be what companies like IBM used to be. They have pushed innovation in a wide range of areas. Does any other company compare for the variety and importance of the innovation they promote?

Lots of the things they are famous for, like Android, were developed by someone else and Google purchased them. So they’re very good at recognizing innovation, whether that counts as inherent innovation is another matter. And at this point, Android is certainly a majority Google product. Other things, like the search engine and Maps (Yahoo!, MapQuest, et al. were older), weren’t anything new but they (arguable point) did them better.

I didn’t know they bought Android, I thought it was an in house development.

Well they bought it before most people had even heard of it and before the OS was a public thing, so the Android you’ve used is a Google product.

Well, they standardized the word “google” or “googling” as a term meaning to search the Internet. Bing has done many of the same search capabilities, or even Yahoo earlier, but you don’t say “I’m going to Bing that”. Kudos for getting their name into the language.