What am I missing on TV?

I watch extremely little TV. Without exaggeration, if I watch 30 minutes in a month, it’s a lot. This isn’t by conscious choice; I just don’t have the time. I get home from work at 9ish and leave at 7 in the morning. The only TV I really watch is the glimpse of the news I get when I say good bye to my mom.

So, all these rants and raves about nane or hilarous commercials go completely over my head. I haven’t a clue what Lost is about, or why it’s so great. I have no idea if The Apprentice, or any other reality show, is worth watching. Is it a travesty that Enterprise was canceled? Color me clueless. I don’t even know what happened after Zoe got kidnapped on the West Wing (though judging by things I’ve read here, that might be a good thing.)

I also have no idea what movies are coming out. The only way I know is if I see something here on the boards, or plastered on the side of a bus.

Luckily, I get my news online, so at least I’m fairly in tune with current events (and without a lot of TV’s blather, I might add).

So, my question to you is, what am I missing out on? If I were to watch one show a week, what show would you recommend? What show would you implore me to avoid? Funny commercials that I’ve “just gotta see”?

I’d probably tell you to watch “Lost” (ABC) or “Deadwood” (HBO). Actually, my first recommendation would be “The Sopranos,” (also HBO) but that’s not on now. You can get the previous seasons on DVD, though.

What to avoid? Reality TV, at all costs. Except “American Idol.” The others (“Survivor,” “The Apprentice,” “The Bachelor,” etc., etc.) I absolutely cannot tolerate. I’m sure others will disagree with me on that, and that’s what makes the world so interesting.

In all honesty, I don’t pay much attention to commercials. I tend to ignore them because they annoy me.



I’m pretty sure House has jumped to the top of my “Favorite Shows” list. Doesn’t hurt that it follows American Idol, either.

I have a television hooked up to a dvd player and a vcr, but I do not have cable or a dish. Still, I’ve seen Sopranos, Simpsons, Law & Order etc on dvd.

I recommend “The Amazing Race.” It’s a reality show, but it sure as heck isn’t like the rest of them. I pretty much watch every reality show that airs in America (including, from time to time, “The Real World” - I KNOW!) and I can assure you, this is the best reality show, and maybe the best TV show period.

You know, about three years ago, I used to watch the Drew Carey show, and a few others. In fact, I used to watch a sitcom every night. Then, some show I liked got canceled, and the writing on Drew got worse, and I went from a regular TV watcher to almost none at all. Nowadays, pretty much all I watch is Doctor Who at midnight on PBS, Chef, which is on before it, occasional reruns of cartoons, and my anime DVDs.

Hey, I’ll go against the prevailing sentiment and tell you that with Lost you’re really not missing much. A show about some of the dumbest people ever to walk the Earth, written by people who believe that if a little mystery is good, then a lot must be great. In reality, though, it’s like being tickled. A little bit is fun, but after a while it just gets annoying or painful. Lost crossed into painful after about the third episode (“Hey, we’re making it up as we go along, we don’t have any answers, so let’s just keep piling on more questions!”)

Enterprise: you’re also not missing anything. It’s just boring. Essentially a retread of the original series with absolutely no new ideas, just better sets and special effects.

Up until Richard Dean Anderson left (starting next season), my choice for “I can only watch one show a week” was Stargate SG-1. The science fiction is so-so but the characters make it great. Buy or rent the first season on DVD and see what I mean.

Of what’s currently on, the “one show a week” show would be 24. Sure, this season has strained the suspension of disbelief beyond all reason, but it’s still damned fun and entertaining and suspensful. Again, try the first season on DVD.

Watch Arrested Development - best show on the air now.

Veronica Mars and Drawn Together are pretty good also.

You Are Not Crazy. There, I told ya. :smiley:

You’re not missing much. I don’t watch t.v. any more, except for CNN. Haven’t for a few years now.


The show that’s probably the most culturally relevant (in that you’ll see references everywhere) is probably “American Idol.”

The show that’s probably the most unusual is probably “The Amazing Race.”

The show that’s probably the most thrilling is probably “24.”

The day of the week, TV-wise, I look forward to most is Tuesdays, with “AI” on at 8 and “TAR” on at 9 and “Veronica Mars” TiVo’d for 10. Gosh, I like Tuesdays.

I probably have to apologize profusely for my probable overuse of “probably.” Sorry.

The one show I make sure I never miss is Scrubs. I have the VCR set to record it every Tuesday.

I also like Mythbusters, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it.

The Shield (FX) and Arrested Development (FOX) are my Must-Sees, followed by Deadwood (HBO).

I watch far less TV than I did five years ago, and massively less than I did ten years ago. I watch several reality shows, and a couple of dramas.

If you’re curious about reality TV, The Amazing Race really is amazing. This season winding down, though, so it’s probably ( ;)) not the best time to start watching it.

On dramas – I don’t currently have any that I tape if I’m not home, but I do enjoy Desperate Housewives (soapy over-the-top fun with an ongoing mystery plot around one housewife’s suicide as the show began) and Medium, which has a lot about the psychic’s relationship with her husband and kids, in addition to the crime-solving plots. I’m not sure how well this will hold up in the long run, but for now I’m enjoying it. The other two I watch semi-regularly are American Dreams and Joan of Arcadia.

I don’t currently have any comedies that I watch regularly.

What are you missing? You’re missing the chance to talk about some enjoyable shows with the smartest group of pop culture critics on the planet, that’s what. It’s half the fun. [sub]Disclaimer: Actual ratio may vary.[/sub]

Anyway, my votes are for Lost, Eyes and24.