What am I missing with this puzzle question?

OK, I’ve whipped out the next test on my daily puzzle calendar and come up with this question:

I’m probably doing something wrong here (although it’s already been shown once that these puzzles fail to consider certain possibilities), but I don’t think you can completely answer the question based on the information provided. The way I see it…

[spoiler]…all conditions are satisfied if the correct number is 63 OR 65.

If it’s 63 (Becky’s guess), then Larry’s guess is off by 1, Bruce’s guess is off by 3, and Tony’s guess is off by 2.

If it’s 65 (Tony’s guess), then Bruce’s guess if off by 1, Larry’s guess is off by 3, and Becky’s guess is off by 2.

The puzzle says that 65 is the correct answer.[/spoiler]
What am I doing wrong?

I come up with the same answer as you. Both could be correct.

Have you stated the question exactly as on the calendar page? Because I also get the same two possibilities.

I typed it while reading it for that exact reason. I didn’t want to introduce error by relying on my memory.

I wonder if it was a typographical error on their part and one of the numbers was supposed to be different. But I would think changing one of those numbers would throw out all the answers. Maybe an additional qualifying sentence got left out?

“Becky” guessed 63, while “Tony” guessed 65. Gender bias? :dubious:

The only thing wrong with the calendar is that someone paid good money for it!

There’s some implication in that statement that I don’t like. I can’t quite put my finger on it… :dubious:

At second glance, I may have misquoted the original question. It may have said “Becky guessed 63…Tony used his masculine intuition and divined the answer to be 65…” :wink:

Other possibility: “Tony” is short for “Anthony”, an Italian name, probably Catholic. “Becky” is short for “Rebekah”, possibly Jewish. Now, they were jelly beans for an Easter disply, right? ;j

So, um. . .what does Mensa spell, anyways? :o

Tony was the guy who submitted the puzzle to the calendar people. Becky was his ex.

Smileys aside, I think you’re on the right track here, though if the explanation is what I think it is then it’s not a very good puzzle.

I needs at least on number to indicate it being off by being to great or too little to make the solution decidely one answer. Unless, I’m wrong, but I think that is needed.

Becky’s answer is correct. Tony is actually 46 years old and his answer was ruled ineligible because only children were supposed to guess.