What am I named?

A chef was tossing the ingredients for this side dish when he suddenly fell ill.

Seizure Salad?


A fireman lit up a cigar and farted.

What am I named?

spontaneous human combustion

When Ms Maize got picked who did the babies stay with? What am I named?


Paddy had a fetish for this brand of cereal.
What is my name?


This singer is a speedy maker of clothes.

What am I?

Taylor Swift. (I thought Paddy was after his Lucky Charms.)
I am what Vasco’s friend said when he asked “who is Bullwinkle’s friend ?” What is my name?

Rocoso Mapache

Just one mug of beer makes time slow down for me. What am I named?

(Paddy was indeed was after his Lucky Charms. A fetish is a charm, Paddy could be Irish. Lame? Yes it is.)

Beery of relativity?

No, EinStein. (My previous one was “Rocky, Balboa.”)

I’m the guy who follows Danny J. What’s my name?

That can’t be as simple as Danny Kaye?

I pull a trailer for a Rooster. What’s my name?

Alfred Hitchcock.


Leo, dude come up with a question.

I am a lion/flower.
What am I named?

Leo Bloom

This city has a dike built by Cockney gerbils.

What is it?

All that glitters,over reaching structure.
What am I named?

[:smack: Honestly, this never occurred to me.]

[Waitasec: rules? These aren’t just pun/crossword clues to anything, but to answers that are a name of some person sort of recognizable to us?]

The first clue isn’t a person, is it?
Leo, I was just making a joke.

Ohhno…we’re all making jokes–that’s the damned problem. :slight_smile:
So: rules:: Ansersbe names of people, animals (Old Yeller), or personalized things, and they variants( if considered witty if only to the poster (!:)) a play on that name that still works, eg, “Escoughier”–suggested in clue.

beowulff, your call. Speak to Us…

I conceived of this as a pun/game.
But, as in life, there are no rules.

So, “I steeped Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie in Hot water for 3 minutes, what do I call what I get?"