What America Really Needs (business-wise) ...

  1. A luxury city-to-city bus service. (Or how about fractional ownership of luxury city-to-city buses?)
  2. A municipal baseball league. (Cities own the teams, player mostly come from the area.)
  3. Nostalgia Rule Football League.
  4. A magazine based on Obituaries. (Although I might be the only one who wants that one.)
    Why yes, I am having a slow day. Why do you ask?

The entire room went silent. It was an embarrassed silence. The kind that can destroy a person’s ego.

In the distance, far in the distance, a lonely dog barked. Other than that, just silence.

And it was a quiet silence. A silence almost deafening in its placidity.

I can’t see a luxury bus service working. I think the niche of traveling slow but in style would be more likely filled by trains.

I’ve always liked the idea of municipally owned sports teams. I wouldn’t restrict them to local players however.

And I’m not sure what nostalgia football rules are.

“Dead This Month” is an interesting idea. I wouldn’t read it myself but there’s probably an audience for it.

My idea? A professional strip poker parlor. You get attractive women with good card playing skills and men put up money to play against them. I collect the house fee. If the women win, they get the money; if the men win, the women end up naked. No actual sex so it’s mostly legal.

The crickets refused to chirp.

So I spoke up. :slight_smile: A magazine based on obituaries? :: puzzled look ::

Reposition the luxury intercity buses as ‘land cruises’. Halve the number of seats and make them reclinable to near-flat for sleeping; provide legroom, blankets and a pillow. Have a ‘flight attendant’ serving snacks and drinks. Keep everything clean.

And get a bigger bus.

I was on a double decker coach the other day and was thinking how it could be dickied up to make it a luxury coach, air-conditioning might have been nice. I often see continental coaches travelling through Ireland that have train-style interior layouts, ie 4 seats facing a table and the like.

Small, clean movie theatres where my friends and I get to pick what’s playing that night. Think video-on-demand crossed with an art house movie theatre. I’d love to be able to get a bunch of friends together and watch the original Star Wars movie on a big screen, in comfy chairs. Or rent the place all afternoon and watch John Wayne gallop across the screen in western after western.

Oh! I like that one! Cinema + restaurant/pub

Didn’t they try that some years ago in your location? I seem to recall intercity Gray Coaches with “hostess service.”

Here in Alberta, if you don’t want to fly or drive yourself, you have a choice in bus service for travelling between the two largest cities, Calgary and Edmonton. Greyhound is … well, all you’d expect Greyhound to be. But Red Arrow is something different, and may be approaching what the OP is thinking of: fewer seats (they’ve take a quarter of them out); nicer seats (most coaches have leather ones); a complimentary galley with soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, and snacks; movies; complimentary newspapers and magazines, and satellite radio. They take reservations and have a frequent-traveller program, too.

Not quite as luxurious as this bus, though. :smiley:


I just got back from my weekly weekend breakfast at Fuddruckers and tossed this around with The Guys.

How about a private club-room in a chain of nice restaurants? I am imagining something like a British “Club” as seen in the movies. You pay an annual fee for access to a club dining room. Better furniture, better service, internet connections, concierge service. The Guys hooted the idea down. That’s it, I am not going to let them join.

. . . is a good five-cent cigar?

I dunno, I really don’t see this working. Can you explain the appeal and why people would use it? And what’s fractional ownership in this context?

I love this one, but ONLY - unlike what someone else said - if the residency rules are strictly enforced. The fact that no players are from the city they play for is one of my biggest beefs with pro sports. It really waters down rooting for the “home” team.

I don’t know what this is but it sounds cool. Do they wear leather helmets or get drunk during halftime or what?

I’d read it. I might not subscribe for fear of what my mailman would think, but I’d be all over it in the dentist’s office.

Well, the bus idea grew out of my reading of Richistan. (Great book, by the way.) What would I do if I had a billion dollars?

I could not see my owning a plane. I could imagine owning a nice 'Rock Star" sort of bus. They have a dozen beds (each with TV and radio) and a mess of seats like in a diner’s booths. I could hire a married couple, call 'em and say, how about heading over to Vegas? When can you pick me up?

I could not imagine sleepers working in the livery trade, but if six or eight middle-rich people pitched in, each could own so many days or miles per year.

Nostalgia Rules Football, leather helmets bloody noses and no forward pass. The Flying Wedge would be too dangerous, I think.

They’re all over the place in Oregon. They usually remove every other row of seats and put in tables. You can drink microbrews and have dinner.

So no love for the membership in a private dining-room thing?


Here in Seattle there’s a rich guy who has set up his own dining club–big old warehouse building up by the Seattle Center, fairly drab on the outside, but apparently really ritzy on the inside.

Only his friends get to go there.

I like the idea of the luxury coach thing. Say you and a bunch of your buddies want to attend The Big Game clear across the state or even a couple of states over. Hire a bus with all the amenities and off you go! As long as it doesn’t turn into a drunken boozefest along the way, it would be cool! Or, say and your friends want to tour the natural wonders along the coast. If you can afford it, this would be a great way to go. You can already rent houseboats by the week on some of the larger scenic lakes in this country–why not rent a bus and expand the range of where you can go?

I also like the idea of a magazine for obituaries. I really think there’d be a market for it.

You mean, like, no negroes? :confused:

I like the private club idea. Always wanted to be a member of the Drones.

But I want to pick with movie is playing. There are so many old movies that I never got a chance to see on a big screen. Or that I want to see again. Basically, I want to be able to rent the room and the equipment, and enjoy it with me, my buddies and our film(s) of choice.