What antivirus software do you like?

We’ve currently got AVG (the paid version, subscription expires in a month or so) and though I think it’s kept the computer free, it bogs everything down when it does its daily scan. Admittedly, this is on a 5 year old computer.

Our new computer arrives today (supposedly) and comes with (among other bloatware), McAfee.

Any recommendations for or against any particular software?

Since you are already familiar with AVG, I’d stick with that and just turn off the daily scan. It certainly does slow down the computer while it’s running and I don’t really see the need to scan daily if the anti-virus is running anyway.

***Switch off Daily scan. *** (It’s way way way overkill to scan daily and it does generally take hours)

Do a manual scan maybe once a month.

learn how not to attract viruses.

And yes, AVG (free) is the most popular/

Still don’t need one. ::knocks wood::

I know you have an entire family using the computer and all, but don’t you have the daily scan set for a time when no one is using it? Mine runs from 4-7 AM, and I don’t notice it.

AVG is my fave, for the record. Tried Avast! but couldn’t get into it. I LIKE daily scans. I find that “the computer world” seems to be 50/50 on AVG/Avast!

Whatever you don, DON’T use McAfee. Seriously - nuke it first thing!

Kaspersky is the most amazing security suite available. Combine Kaspersky with Webroot Spy Sweeper and you’ll be golden.

Me neither. But I’m required to have one for accessing work remotely.

I like Avast! because it’s free for personal use. It’s slightly crippled unless you pony up in that you can’t schedule a scan.

If you’re browsing the internet without antivirus protection, I’d recommend at least doing a free scan with programs that offer 'em as “trials” of their products, or at least grabbing SpyBot Search and Destroy. Chances are good you have some form of malware unless you’re computer-knowledgable and running something like a *nix or BSD release.

I’ve used F-Prot for three years now and have been entirely satisfied with it.

I have AVG free.

And I don’t have any malware. Never have. I browse the internet all the time. I just know how not to get viruses.

I have tried several programs, purchased and free, and I think Avast is great. I used the free version for a while, but finally bought the Pro version. The two-year subscription is a bargain, and with that, I can schedule scans. I have mine run at noon while I’m usually eating lunch, but even if I use the computer while it is scanning, it hardly slows down things at all.

As suggested, get yourself a couple of free antispyware programs too.


I hated Norton, and McAfee wasn’t much better.

I haven’t tried the others, though.

As soon as you get the machine, run PC Decrapifier on it. That will remove most of that bloatware.

I like AVG try fooling with the settings. I found that if you turn off the link scanner, it works great. I don’t need to scan every internet link either. As long as UPDATE AVG every day you shouldn’t have a problem. I do a scan once a week but update it everyday.

I also use Spybot and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware as well. They catch a few things the others miss. I update them daily and run the scan with them once a week. <Knock Wood> all is going well.

I’m using MacOS X.

We don’t have any viruses yet. We don’t have any adware either. (let’s NOT go off on a tangent as to why, that’s not relevant right now). Today’s antivirus will no more protect my computer from tomorrow’s hypothetical OSX virus than old out-of-date PC antivirus programs will protect a Windows PC.

We do, now, finally, have a tiny smattering of malware out there; it takes the form of trojan horse. To get messed up by it, one needs to download the installer and install it, thinking it is something else. The one that’s out there, that has actually no-kidding infected some folks, claims to be a required QuickTime codec. The victims downloaded the trojan to (ostensibly) be able to watch porn videos they downloaded.

If malware on OS X proliferates and becomes a genuine problem, I’m sure I’ll run some kind of antivirus sw; I did back in the Mac System 6-7 era.

But for now we simply don’t need it.

We use CYberdefender at the house and at the office. My IT guy recommended it for the office, so I decided to get it at home too. It’s great! The paid version comes with a toolbar that tells you if you hit a bad site, 2 gb of online backup and 24/7 support by phone or email. It’s well worth the investment, but you can dowload a free version to start. Good luck.


If you’re paying for it Kaspersky is easily the best choice.

McAfee and Norton are gawdawful bloatware. They do their job fine (stopping viruses) but to my mind are as intrusive and annoying as many viruses they are meant to protect you from.

Kaspersky all the way.

Sure, viruses. But that’s no protection from Malware, Adware and Spyware. They lurk on legit sites, too.

Thanks, all! I just realized I had posted this question then (very rudely) never popped back into the thread.

Re scheduling the daily scan: yeah, I should probably have it run less often - say, weekly. Since presumably it prevents things from even getting a foothold. It’s hard to find a good time of day - either the computer is off, or someone’s actually using it. Hopefully the new one won’t be slowed down quite as much (whichever package we go with).
Does Kaspersky also include firewall capabilities? We’ve also got Zone Alarm (on the old computer anyway) and I know there’s some overlap between that and the various antivirus packages.