What are "A-Coupons"?

I read a book the other day with a line that read “that guy got all the A-Coupons he wanted” or something to that effect. What are A-Coupons?

Gasoline rationing.

Was the book set during WWII? If so, it may be a reference to gas rationing. I think people were issued coupons that allowed them to buy limited amounts of gas on certain days…

What time period did the book take place in?
It sounds like the ration coupons from WWII to me.


Perhaps some context would be helpful–what was the book? Was it British or American or what? What was happening?

Dunno what an A-coupon is, but I can tell you all about E-tickets if you like! (Was it maybe an A-ticket?)

Hehehe…triple-simulpost by Silenus, me, & What Exit :smiley:

Now we just need **Feces of Death ** to come back and provide some information.
I think we both have to give Silenus extra credit for beating us by seconds and including an informative link.


yeah he was talking about WWII tyime period so maybe that was it

My emphasis. I think it’s pretty clear that is exactly what it is.

If it were in the early 70s, it could have referred to Disney World. But the WWII explanation is clearly the better fit.

Nobody in their right minds ever complained about not having enough “A” tickets at Disneyland. Those things were everywhere. You couldn’t give them away! All they were good for were:

Main Street Horse Cars (Main Street)
Horseless Carriage (Main Street)
Omnibus (Main Street)
Sleeping Beauty Castle (Fantasyland)
Fire Engine (Main Street)
King Arthur Carousel (Fantasyland)

Some friends lived in Anehim back in that A-E Ticket era. They had a bowl of A-C tickets at the front door that people hadn’t used. You just grabbed a handful when headed to the park, and just bought D and E tickets. Anyone who bought a ticket book had leftover A and B tickets.

And, since A tickets (never coupons to my memory) were not worth anything, it would make no sense in the context given.