What are car insurance rates like in Russia? (YouTube Dash Cam Videos)

I won’t link to them’cause there’s a gazillion of them.

  • Drivers in Russia drive way too fast for the weather conditions.
  • Drivers in Russia perform ridiculous maneuvers like turning right from the far left lane.
  • Drivers in Russia don’t seem to have any kind of vehicular safety checks, especially for large trucks/semis.

OK. So, there’s no doubt some confirmation bias in that the clips I watch only show the crashes, but holy shit, I can’t imagine such conditions here in the west.

Does anyone know what driving in Russia is really like, and what the hell they pay for insurance? It looks like complete free-for-all madness there.

I don’t know about Russia, but a couple of years ago I was on a two-week business trip to Bucharest, Romania. I’m telling you, I witnessed a car crash with my own eyes about every other day. Never did I see such bad driving anywhere in the world.

My understanding is that a large number of motorists just don’t have any insurance. (Much more than then 1 out of 6 in the USA.) Probably confirmed by the number of these videos that show the at-fault motorist just driving away after the accident.

P.S. I would note that a lot of them seem to show accidents caued by the extremely poor infrastructure in Russia. Note how many show major, multi-lane intersections with no traffic signals at all. You don’t see that very often in other western countries.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that the car insurance that Americans pay for is high because nearly all the claim amounts are for medical expenses incurred as a result of accidents. In Russia, everyone is automatically covered by the state medical coverage, so car accident claims rarely involve medical expenses. Car crash liability claims in Russia (and almost every other country) re limited to the cost of repairing the other guy’s car, and labor rates in Russian body shops are nowhere near the $100 an hour that is charged in the USA.

Even in Canada, car insurance rates are low. In Quebec, the annual registration fee includes the premium for minimum liability insurance, which last I heard was under $100 a year. And in Quebec, drivera are just about as crazy as in Russia.

My taxi driver in Addis Ababa told me he pays about $150 a year for his liability insurance, even for a public licensed taxi, which covers his passengers as well.

Doesn’t Russia have a problem with alcohol abuse?

That could explain a lot of it.

It’s not a problem, it’s how you keep from freezing.

They’re also not required to wear seatbelts, apparently, or at least not used to it.