What are consumer electronics (and other things) like in Plato’s perfect world?

Before we begin, please note that I am about to murderize Plato’s allegory of the cave quite horribly. You have been warned.

If you have read Café Society recently, you may have noticed that I have bought a very basic MP3 player , and am looking for suggestions of what to listen to. I wouldn’t mind a few more leads, btw.

Anyway, as I was using the player through the day, I began to contemplate all the different features this player could have, but does not. I compiled a mental list, of the features of the perfect headphone-based MP3 player. But where could I find one? Why, in Plato’s Perfect World Export Emporium, of course. Open Octday through Punsday, except on festival weekends.

I went there recently, (Turn left at the wall, and just past the insane pipers.) and took a look at the consumer electronics section. There was also a women’s shoe section, a menswear section, hunting supplies and much more, but I didn’t stop to look.

The feature of the Memorex MMP8558-Ideal world edition were as follows:

[li]The Flash memory card can be removed and replaced with a higher capacity one.[/li][li]Sound can be feed into the unit’s speakers through an external source, as if the were an ordinary pair of headphones, via a standard mini-headphone jack.[/li][li]Sound can be outputted to an external receiver, via a standard mini-headphone jack.[/li][li]Said jacks are colored differently, so that one is not mistaken for the other.[/li]Far away from all other buttons, there is a delete button, allowing you to subtract any song from the playlist, as you are listening to it.
[li]The unit is to small to hold a display, but nonetheless, there is a folder up/down set of buttons. [/li][li]You can use ordinary or rechargeable batteries (sold separately, even here) with the unit. In addition, with the aide of a wallwart, the unit can be plugged into the wall to charge the batteries. Oh, and the bulk of the walwart is not directly over the plugs.[/li][/ul]

Anyone else been to this place? Any item you though was perfect, save for a feature that it lacked? Ever see a total piece of crap alarmclock, except it had a feature that you have neer seen before? (A telephone dial pad-style time input, perhaps? Well, now is your chance. List all the features you would expect to see on an item from the world of true things.

P.S. Here is some more info on Plato, btw.

Some OP work, some don’t. :shrug: I honestly thought people would post lists of features, design tricks, and ideas used in gadgets, but no.

Ah well. Goodnight, Sweet [del]prince[/del] thread. May a flock of angels sing thee to thy rest.