What are disability "pretenders" and what do they get out of it

I’ve got some questions about “pretenders”/disability fakers.
Why do they do this?
If it is a mental illness, is there any form of treatment for it?
I especially don’t get why they do it anonymously online or when other people aren’t there, it can’t just be a form of manipulation.

I have spent decades hiding my [minor] disability from the people around me, so I can’t comprehend why they’d be like this.

If you can fake the right things you can end up getting SSI disability payments. So in a nutshell, if you manage to get yourself permanently disabled you can have a free minimal income without working indefinitely.


This is a completely seperate disorder from pretenders. They are described as the “missing link” between devotees and wannabees.

Quote from link:

“This form of pretending (where a devotee derives pleasure by pretending to be a disabled woman) may indicate a very broad predisposition to pretending among devotees.”…Ahhh! or should I say, “Umkay!

Cite: My ex-wife. Now I won’t contest that she is seriously mentally ill, but her ‘disability’ claim was that she was agorophobic and couldn’t be out in public. Apparently working at the annual Ren Fest or hanging around the Mall of America weren’t an issue, just working an actual job. :rolleyes:

She tried real hard to get me to try to claim disability as well so that neither of us had to work. No fucking way was I walking down that road.

What did she get? Free income, never had to work, excuses for all sorts of bad behavior both public and private. That’s pretty much what any of them get.

There seem to be lots of people who are disability pretenders, in that they use cars with handicapped stickers and park in reserved handicapped spots, but are not disabled at all – they are just using the vehicle of a disabled family member, and taking advantage of that.

Do they count as disability pretenders?

In my state (Cali), we have people with ‘service animals’ - usually dogs - they not only can they live with their masters & mistresses in buildings that forbid pets, but they can go everywhere like supermarkets, movies, restaurants, etc. Keep in mind I don’t mean seeing-eye dogs; these are normal-looking people who obviously can see & hear, walking a (usually) dog which is wearing a jacket that says they’re a service animal. I believe cats and even birds can qualify as service animals! I can’t help but wonder how many of these people are disability pretenders, simply looking to bend the rules to have a pet (again, not counting the seeing-eye dogs). Then again, it gave me paws (sorry, like Cecil I can’t resist a bad pun) when I saw a tv show where some veterans suffering PTSD went everywhere with their dogs; so I guess PTSD would be a legit reason.

The laws in the US under the ADA are that

  1. Service animals must be allowed anywhere accessible to the public
  2. You’re not allowed to ask anyone for proof that their animal is a service animal

Understandably, this truck sized loophole has lead to many people pawning their dogs off as service animals purely as a matter of convenience.


Being truly disabled, I cannot imagine what these numbnuts think is so wonderful about it.

They get attention and sympathy without the downsides of pain and actual inability to do stuff.

Recent revision on service animals under the ADA.

Screw that. I’d rather be able to walk.

Same here, but then, I’m neither D nor P nor W on that spectrum. Heck, I’m not even near the spectrum.

I don’t even know about a “spectrum”.

I can still hobble from my scooter to the commode, and from the scooter to a chair. I use a 4-point cane to do so.

For which I am very grateful.

Bit of a hijack but, yeah, I always try to put on a good front in public, limp less, stand up straight when I want to slump etc. I’m in receipt of some disability benefits and it worries me (slightly) that some investigator could film me looking more or less OK on my way home, to “prove” I’m faking when they don’t see how I am the minute I get indoors and drop the act.

No, this is not the reason. They get “relief” from pretending. Pretenders believe they were born in the wrong body; they feel ‘complete’ when they act out their ‘pretend’ disabilities in their lives; whether it be by using a wheelchair when out and about or whatever it may be. It is a true illness.

That is why I feel those few TV specials (I don’t recall the specifics) like the one featuring the woman on TLC (I think) who was supposedly a pretender do more harm than good. Those aren’t reflective of most pretenders.

If you research pretenders and find some actual testimonials, it’s rather eye-opening. They don’t like their conditions. They don’t choose them. They are afflicted by them just like anyone else with a physical malady. Unfortunately many disabled people view pretenders and wannabees with nothing but scorn, as they see anyone who would FAKE having the life-altering disabilities that were forced upon them as shitty people. It’s not so cut and dry, however.
ETA: Now this is not to say that the DPW spectrum doesn’t contain predators and creeps. It does.

Mmm hmmm…:dubious: So you say…But you got a thing for those gimpy guys don’t cha??? :dubious: Ya know, I never thought you were a troll but now…

I don’t know exactly what’s behind the recent threads but it is claimed that some pretenders are suffering from a disorder called BIID - body integrity identity disorder. Individuals with this disorder apparently feel that their ‘true’ identity is that of an amputee or a person with some form of physical disability. This leads them to pretend they are amputees or paraplegics for example and even on some occasions go so far as to harm themselves to achieve their desired body image.

I don’t know how much support or research into this condition there has been in the wider medical community.

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