What Are Dogs at Wynn Lass Vegas Sniffing For?

Please no answers like “bombs or drugs” - because like “no shit!”. Which one or both?


Lassie Vegas

Bombs for potential terrorist threats.

Can you imagine how many customers would be turned away if they were sniffing for drugs?

Maybe they’re not searching for anything. Could just be there to fake out would-be terrorists, to tell them to go to the next hotel on the strip.

I’ve heard it said that these dogs can, when sniffing, alert to a possible bomb or drug stash, more based on the handler’s behavior than on a bomb or drug stash actually being present. Such as (and I’m not sure exactly what the dog keys off of) the handler’s body language or change in body chemistry - something about the handler. Any truth to this?

OK, makes sense it would be really bad business to have them sniffing for drugs.

If you accept a Cracked link as acceptable, yes. They do provide links to stories & reports.

At the Wynn? Probably money, or stolen Koons’ Popeyes.

I’m a security manager at (literally) the next hotel on the strip. The dogs aren’t fake, and we have them too.