What Are "Group Memberships"?

In everyone’s profile, there is a section called “Group Memberships.” Undoubtedly I am missing something here. :confused: Someone please clue me. What are these groups one could join? Where are they? Is this section just a relic from a former board section? Is it something in the works?

It’s an option vBulletin makes available, but which we don’t have activated here. Near as I can figure, the purpose is to facilitate the formation of exclusive better-than-everyone-else elitist backstabbing cliques. I’ll have to leave it to a mod to say why we didn’t decide to enable them here.

It’s just a polite way of referring to the orgies.

Have I said too much?

I wanted to join the Sharks, but I couldn’t snap my fingers and prance rhythmically at the same time. :frowning: