What are miroslav's gospels about?

Just what the title says- I viewed some of the iconography and ornamental type decoration today for the Museum of Belgrade. It said in fine print that it was taken from Miroslav’s gospels and said this was (in some context) the oldest written book in Cyrillic or something along those lines.

When I Googled, I got the entire friggin’ history of the thing, but nobody goes into depth about what the actual content of the gospels contain.

Anybody just happen to know this one off the top of their heads :stuck_out_tongue: All helpful feedback is appreciated.

It’s an evangelistary which contains, as you might expect from the name, the Gospels that are part of the liturgy. It’s significant because it’s the oldest surviving Serbian manuscript.

It’s the standard four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) as rendered into Old Serbian by Miroslav. Captain Amazing pinpointed the significance.