What are my politics?

I am asking this here because I am not sure it is important enough for the General Questions forum… but here it goes…

Is there any place you can go to fill out a survey and it tells you what your political alliance is? I voted for the Browne/Libertarian ticket during this last election, it is not quite what I wanted as I don’t agree with many of their policies, and when the time comes for the next important election, I would rather be more informed.

Or if anyone wants to fill me in on what I am, you can go ahead and tell me if you know what you are talking about. Not looking to start an politics war/flame at all, just curious about what I am because I have NEVER had a government class and won’t before I graduate.

Basic generalizations of me…

Economic matters - Democratic
Social matters - Libertarian
Military matters - Republican
Techological matters - any policy that advances it as fast as possible (within certain moral standards that I am not going to go into here).

Its all spread out all over the place and every time I have to vote I go nuts. I am lucky enough to live in a big city and there are many times eight or so canidates, all on a different ticket, one of them has to be close…



That sounds like a “spread the wealth and don’t mess with my internal affairs 'cause if you do I’ll kick your ass” political type. That would qualify you as a socialist.

Any more interpretations?