What are my sutures made from?

I had minor in office surgery almost a week ago to remove a cyst like thing (ranula actually) from my lower lip. After the surgery the doc sewed up the incision with a dissolvable suture. It looked like a very fine metal wire, but I guess it can’t really be metal because it wouldn’t dissolve unless it just rusted away!

From searching I gather it must have been some kind of monofilament plastic. So my question is what kind of plastic looks so much line a fine metal thread. Or is there actually some kind of metal suture that would dissolve eventually? And as an aside, how long before it does dissolve (it’s still there a week later)?

“looks so much line” = “looks so much like

Clipped from http://www.gramsmed.com/gp.htm

And, there are absorbable synthetics:

No specs on how quickly the gut is absorbed, but the Gramsorb stuff is listed as taking 60-90 days.