What are scams that you know to be scams, but you buy into anyway?

A few female co-workers were cooing over a diamond catalog, as one of them is getting married soon. I pointed out that the entire diamond industry has been built on artificial demand and that diamonds are intrinsically nowhere near as rare and valuable as other precious stones, like emeralds or rubies. They responded that they know it’s all a big scam, but they buy into it anyway.

So I’m wondering, what do you dopers know to be total B.S., but you buy into it anyway?

Many designers have started to creep up the measurements on their sizes. IOW, a “size 10” in one line happens to be an inch wider around the waist than a size “10” in another clothing line. I tend to gravitate towards the more, er, generous designers because my ego likes the smaller tag even as my ass gets larger.

The lottery. I’m well aware of the odds and that I probably have a better chance of being kicked to death by a donkey, but I love to play “what if?”. It costs me $4 a week, so what the hell.

Not really a scam per se but an example of an overpriced product. I know lattes from Starbucks and the like are overpriced and mass produced with average beans. But I still cough up my $3.50 on an almost daily basis.


I personally don’t buy into the scam, but far, far too many others do and then try to make it be my problem.

Without even reading any answers in this thread I knew what Clothy’s answer would be. Dude, I’m an atheist and even I think your shtick is way overplayed.

The OP specifically asked about people who “buy into the scams anyway.” If you don’t buy into it, you’re not included in this group. Congratulations.

As for me, I got suckered into getting a diamond for my wedding ring even though I didn’t really intend to get one. The diamond store lady said some things about how you want a stone that is hard, like a diamond, for something that is going to be on your hand every day for the rest of your life, and ooh pretty, and sigh, here we are.

Starbucks lattes, too. I don’t even have an excuse for this one.

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Seems a little tactless to tell a future bride that her diamond engagement ring is a scam!

I think the tooth-whitening industry is a total scam… but given that the normal toothpaste and the whitening toothpaste costs the same, I think eh, maybe it’ll do me good :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that’s really a scam. I mean I used to do this when I was working regular. I figured there is so little in my life to be happy about, this way I get to be a Yuppie for five minutes.

From The Carol Burnett Show:

Ed won a meal for at a fancy resturant and takes Eunice and Mama only to find out it’s a dinner for TWO.

Ed) Are you crazy, did you look at the prices. A dinner here is gonna cost me $15.00

Eunice) If our lives have been so reduced that we can’t throw $15.00 away to have a meal, then what’s the point.

So you see buying the overpriced coffee may not be a scam if there is some worth to one’s self that goes along with it

So anything that costs more than someone thinks it “should” is a scam?

I own a timeshare…
…slinks off in embarrassment…:mad:

online poker. :frowning:

Well…some of my friends still attend church, even though they know the religious message is bullshit. They only go for the social experience.

I still buy mp3s for $1 apiece, or full CDs for $18, despite knowing that the artist receives only a tiny share of that money, if anything at all.

Ditto on Starbucks.

Naw, I do the same, but you see I figure I am buying a couple hours of daydreams. For that, it’s not a scam.

Las Vegas.

Bottled water. I know it’s just regular, filtered tap water but I buy it anyway thinking it tastes better than the tap water. I could buy a filter and save some money but it just wont taste the same.

Another lottery sucker.

What shtick? Religion is a massive con game. Deal with it.

“Protein-focused, grain free, all natural…” dog food.

I know, I know, unless there are existing allergies or digestion issues, generic’s probably just fine… but…