What are some good, free, web-based email providers?

I need a back-up email account. I did a search here to see what Dopers recommended, but unfortunately many of the ones suggested previously have become pay sites or are still free but are no longer accepting new accounts. I don’t want to use Hotmail or Yahoo because of so much spam when I tried those services before, and hearing horror stories* from people who are using them now. So will you Dopers help a girl find a free email provider for a back-up account?

Try mine: http://aoeu.zzn.com

(Disclaimer: I made that third level domain with zzn.com. It’s there for us Dvorak users to proclaim our love for the Dvorak layout with every email we send. The AOEU comes from the first four letters of our home row, where ASDF would be on a Qwerty.) It works well enough, and its spam filter flat out rules.

Forgot to add something - I’m not making any money or recieving any compensation at all from that email provider. It’s a free service for which I recieve no compensation.

Just FYI. :wink:

Haha, I remember I once got a pack of software at a discount, one of which was a typing tutor type of thing. It actually taught the Dvorak keys and not QWERTY so I couldn’t use it.

As for the OP, I love Yahoo! Mail. If I had the money I’d pay for it. Really. It really is much better than Hotmail, that’s for sure.

You get 4mb storage (I get 6mb for my yahoo.ca address), virus checking of attachments, a rather pretty interface (you can change colours as well), and lots of other great features. Registering to Yahoo! also automatically gets you a 30mb Yahoo! Briefcase account, so any large attachments you want to keep can be forwarded to it, to free up space on your email account.

As for spam, I don’t get any except for that recent outbreak of email attachments coming from email addresses of people that don’t know me. But that goes into my Bulk email folder anyways.

I use MyWay it looks very much like Yahoo but is less full of ads and such. Seems to work OK.

I suggest Yahoo. They’ve got excellent virus trapping and do an heroic job of spam filtering. Ever since I started using a Yahoo address as a general e-mail for spam trapping purposes, my inbox has held steady at 3-8 messages a day, some of which are real. I report the rest as spam. The Bulk folder, however, gets 80-100 messages a day as the spam gets thrown in there. Very nice overall.

I’ve been using yahoo for about a year and have been very happy with it. Always available and reasonably fast. If you go with a lesser-known email client, you may have more reliability problems. I was with a smaller one before going to yahoo and I switched because I was frustrated with unreliable uptime and long delays in message transmission.

I have not gotten any spam sent to my yahoo account in all the time I’ve had it. For one thing, I’m very careful with my address. But the other thing is that I use a unique username that it not easily guessed. If you have a username like <initial><lastname> (jsmith, rjones, etc), the spammers will find you. They create lists of addresses like that and send out spam. So make a unique user name and you should be okay. Also go into the user preferences and opt out of all the marketing lists.

I have used OperaWeb for the past couple of years. I haven’t seen much spam on it at all (http://www.operamail.com)

I know you said you don’t want yahoo, but I’m been using a yahoo account for job searching for about a year and a half, with very little spam. I’m very happy with it.

I also have an MSN account that I use for ordering stuff and bill paying, that I’ve used even longer, and it has fairly low spam activity.
What service you use does not determine how much spam you get anywhere near as much as how you use that email. I think people unfairly blame the provider, when the problem is really how they use the email.

I have used Hotmail for so long that I dread ever having to change. The only problem I have ever had is some payment providers don’t like hotmail accounts. I use their spam filters and they filter out too much. Whenever I subscribe to a mailing list I have to make sure I list it as one of my sites so that the newsletters don’t go straight to trash. I receive virtually no spam.