What are some impractical, overpriced impulse buys your peers have purchased?

My mom just bought a Macbook Air. The reason it’s impractical and overpriced is that she already has another Mac laptop, an iPad, and an iPod. Why the hell would one person need all that crap? The thing I really don’t get is that she doesn’t have an iPhone. She had the opportunity when she bought her most recent iPod because she got a new phone at the same time. She has AT&T. I suggested she just get an iPhone. She didn’t.

I just don’t get it.

I know someone who works for a non-profit and makes so little that she’s eligible for food stamps and other types of assistance. She’s constantly scrambling for money - for food, gas, rent, etc.

A few months ago she needed a new car - and bought a 2008 4WD Chevy Trailblazer in April. Her car payment (not including insurance) is almost $350 a month and the thing doesn’t get much more than 10 mpg.

She has no legitimate need for a gas-guzzling SUV, and it’s not that reliable - two weeks ago she had to borrow almost $1,000 for various repairs. I asked why didn’t she buy a smaller, cheaper, more fuel-efficient vehicle, since she has fairly limited funds? Oh…she “drove it and fell in love with it.” :rolleyes:

Not overpriced, but impractical.

In university, paying off student loans and living with your parents is not the time to buy a brand new car. A reliable older car? Yes. A $15k-$20k brand new car? No.

In the words of my dearly departed penny-pincher grandfather: that’s why I have money and you don’t!

Kushiel: You are very correct. My best friend and her husband just finalized bankruptcy. Right after they finished it up, they both bought new vehicles and she dropped out of college (which means she’ll have to start paying back student loans soon). They always complain about having no money.

Of course she was the only one to ask why I don’t just buy a new car instead of paying to fix the one we have. Um, how about because I’m an unemployed college student and $1500 worth of work will make my 23 year old vehicle last another 10 years?

A friend is REALLY into cameras. The most expensive is a £15,000 digital Hasselblad. And he recently spent around £500 for a carbon fibre tripod. Then there’s the £3k Swiss watch. And the two titanium bicycles totalling around £5k.

Does your brother have to carry all the purses when he takes his wives out shopping?

Sorry bad punctuation. Multiple brothers each has only one wife at a time. Occasionally there are girlfriends, but they have been at least smart enough not to suggest taking them shopping at the same time as the wife.

I have a friend that spent 5Gs on two paintings while we were in Hawaii last year. Normally, I’d say it’s his money, he has the right to spend it how he sees fit.

However, this same friend always conveniently left his wallet in the condo when it was his turn to pony up for drinks or dinner, or when we went to the store to stock up on groceries.

Yet, miraculously, the wallet would appear when he wanted to buy something for himself. There were also some five hundred dollar ugly-ass sunglasses he bought on the same trip.

Long story short: We have a group of friends we go to Hawaii with. First stop is Costco to stock up on food and booze. When we hit the beaches or restaurants, we take turns paying for rounds of drinks and meals. We take turns paying for dinner for the owners of the condo who are letting us stay for free. They won’t accept anything more.

How did they get the cars if they filed for bankrupcy? I imagine they had to pay all of it at once, since I dont see how you can get financing when your credit is in that state. And if they had the money, why the frick are they in bankrupcy?!

I’m sorry, people like that drive me nuts.

Like lazy rich people who are slobs (more common than I thought). They dont clean up after themselves, they can AFFORD to pay someone to do it for them, but they dont. If they didn’t think it was worth the cost, they’d do it themselves. They just…like living in filth I guess?

This is my husband. He’s very industrious (full time work, side construction projects). But things like a maid if stuff piles up, or a cab to the airport when you have perfectly good friends to drive you there at 4-fricken-AM., are considered horrible indulgences. His mid-western, do it yourself, don’t be wasteful side rears it’s head and it doesn’t matter if the cleaning isn’t getting done because he could do it himself.

My sister bought a several thousand dollar water ionizer because tap water is apparently too acidic. And then there is the move back to Hawaii and not being able to sell their house here so they abandoned it and declared bankruptcy.

taters, that guy! :stuck_out_tongue:

One time I bought a quadrophonic car stereo.

I put it in a VW Bug. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ninety! How ironic this thread turned up, huh?

Great timing, yes! :wink:

A friend of mine who doesn’t know how to fly a plane bought a partially completed homebuilt plane, intending to finish it. That one literally never got off the ground. I think he shitcanned it shortly after a conversation with his life insurance agent.

She’s not my peer, but my mom is spending $6000 to go to China next month, a country she has zero interest in (she says she’s bringing her own food, because she doesn’t like Chinese food.) She’s only going because her cousin is going and she can’t stand the thought of him having been there and her not having been there. In unrelated news, she just asked me to pay for a repair to her leaky roof.

I checked out that site. They have the nerve to sell a $1,500 coffee table. Oh well I surely am not a future customer.
To the person upthread who mentioned a friend who spent $1,500 on a flute he never used I did buy myself a guitar to learn after seeing Peter Frampton on TV selling software which would teach me how. I neglected to read the fine print that states, “buyer must practice and try to learn the guitar - will not come from Osmosis.”
I only spent $50 on the guitar though.
I had friends who bought a house up here - Northern VA - in 1995 - then around 2005 took out a HELOC on it to buy; 2 new cars, a new truck (F250 when gas was $4/gallon, two jet skis (barely used), a pontoon boat (barely used), and some bare land( they hardly ever went there)
I love these folks but this is no joke, the bank auctioned off their house two weeks ago.
The funny thing is before all of this housing bubble nonsense at least you were held to how much cash and credit cards you could run up. But then people found out that they could “borrow” ( you mean it’s not free?) upwards of $50 - 75K and just blow it. It is funny how the more you seem to make, the more expensive everything seems to get.
To the person who though $60k would buy him a house… you might be able to put a decent downpayment with that on a condo about 25-30 miles out of town here in Fairfax VA. Even after the meltdown the median price for some areas is $400-500K for SFH and up.

I meant that 60k would help go toward the down payment. 60,000 is a 20% down payment on a $300,000 home. If you have the income to come up with the mortgage/insurance, that sixty grand down payment is money well spent vs having to spend 2 years saving up. In the meantime your mortgage payment goes toward something you own and you get tax deductions to boot.

She drank the Kool-Ade. Intervene…save her while you can.

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A few different years I have gotten antsy after Christmas and bought myself a (used) vehicle.

Yugo, Porsche, or M1A1 Abrams?