What are some of the various reasons someone would sublet a room?

Just total curiosity. No interesting situation to relay.

Either they don’t have enough money to get a whole place or they don’t want to live alone.

Or they want to wear your underwear while you are at work. Maybe it is just the money thing though, who knows?

No, no - I like the underwear theory.

The most common cases of subletting I’ve seen has to do with students either returning home for the summer, getting a co-op or summer job in another town, or being ditched by former roommates for the remainder of the lease.

Commonly, a lease on an apartment or house will be for 12 months, so if for whatever reason you can only be there for 8, those 4 unused months are a heck of a burden. By subletting, you can get all or part of that cost back, but still, perhaps, retain the lease for the following year.

Other cases that I’ve seen are similar - renew the lease, then have to move or buy a house, and the landlord asks you to find a replacement tenant. Or perhaps your job takes you abroad for 6 months or something.

My roommate’s 5 year old stole all my underwear and hid it under his dresser. His reason?

“They were pretty.”