What are some things you could do with a cucumber?

Slice them and put 'em in a mayo, sugar, and pepper based sauce.

(It’s a nice alternative to the vinegar based sauces: I normally have half the cuke cut up and put into the vinegar sauce, the other half cut up and placed into the mayo based one.)

Cut 'em up and place them in a stew or soup.

Get some of the props meant for Mr. Potato Head and use them on the cuke.

Get three or four smaller ones, and a portabello mushroom and make a veggie table/stool.

Use them as play-swords.

Use them to play with a cat who’s in a playful mood and save your own skin from gaining unneeded ventilation.

<< Up your dosage. >>

Amen! I make a mean tzatziki.

“Concombre Fatigue!” My mom takes slices of cucumber and soaks them in vinegar with a little salt and pepper. Shake it up really hard, or just leave it long enough for the cucumber to get kind of mushy, and eat. Its good!

Well, there is one salad I have a recipe for that calls for thinly sliced cucumber in a lemon juice sauce with sugar and white pepper.

Or, you could wrap it in aluminum foil, go to the nearest airport, and re-enact a particular scene from This Is Spinal Tap.

If they’re left on the vine too long, they get bloated and turn yellow. And they float. You have a biodegradable pool toy!

The model rocket engines I’m familiar with would exceed the speed of vegetables and fly through the cuke.

some people have sex with them.

Mention of India and tzatziki in this thread brings to mind a nice Indian side dish, Cucumber Raita. Mix yogurt, finely diced cucumber, and a little ground cumin. Simple and goes great with spicy curries.

<Barnes and Barnes>

Cucumbers, cucumbers.
Roly poly cucumbers.
Cucumbers, cucumbers.
Eat them up, yum.

Took a cucumber out to see a movie.
Didn’t have to pay to get it in.

</Barnes and Barnes>

Cut into chunky sticks, add a little salt, lemon juice and pico de gallo chile (ethnic section). So yummy you’ll lament the many years you’ve wasted sans this treat.

Also, they make a reasonable, though slightly juicy, substitute for potatoes when you’re making potato prints.

you could put your weed in it, man.


Aha, “obvious” meaning either a cucumber salad or a sex toy. Sorry, I guess it wasn’t so obvious.


Use it as a one-time weapon…

Friend: “What the f*** ?!??!”
You: (running at them) “Haiiii-YAAAAAAH!” WHACK! SPLUT!

Cucumber has been utitlized.

Oop. Utilized, that thar word be.

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks dude

Lord Vor is on the right track, man…cukes and apples make for some tasty pipes…hehehe:D

I read this… and went out and bought everything… it’s sitting in the fridge waiting to be eaten. I’ll let you know how it went. :slight_smile:


The only real use for a cucumber is as a garnish in a Pimm’s Cup. Mmmmm, Pimm’s Cup.

Remake of the airport scene in This is Spinal Tap

[sub]Though, these days, you’d probably do a little time for your troubles[/sub]

Cucumber peelings are suppose to keep roaches away. The smell of rotting cucks will keep any living being away.

Puree the rest of it, add some yoghurt, and you got a face mask.