What are the ages of Susan Parrish and Joe in "Meet Joe Black"?

The actress Claire Forlani was 26 when she played the character of Susan in Meet Joe Black. Brad Pitt (who played “Joe Black”, or “Death”) was 35.

However I want to know how old the characters in the movie are supposed to be. I couldn’t find it via Google so does anyone know?

Susan is an M.D. but I don’t know whether it is a junior position or whether she’s a surgeon or what. I was hoping that could give me a clue. I don’t recall if the film actually stated her age explicitly.

Now “Joe Black” is a little more problematic. Obviously we know “Death” might as well be immortal, but bear in mind that “Joe” actually was a real character - remember that guy in the coffee shop who was talking to Susan before he got iced by the truck? So what I want to know is, how old is he portrayed to be?

My guess is early thirties for “Joe”, and around late twenties/early thirties for Susan. But I can’t really be sure.

BTW, does anyone know the real name of “Joe”, or is it really Joe? I don’t think it was stated in the movie either (I’m talking about the real name of the guy who died in the movie).

Well I just did a search to see if the script is online. And it appears to be!

It looks like Susan is officially 30. The young man she meets is listed as the YOUNG MAN (early 30s), so apparently Joe is not his official name. In fact, at the end of the script, as she meets him again after he has departed over the hill, he is labelled as JOE, then she realises that it isn’t–it is the young man. And his title is changed back.

Good taste in movies, by-the-hoo.