What are the best reasons for neutering (or not neutering) my dog?

I want to have my dog neutered. He’s a 20 lb. SUPER-hyper Jack Russell/mut mix and I feel sorry for him- I live in a large apartment complex and when female dogs go into season he has fits, and among other things I’m hoping this will help that out. (Also I’m hoping it will make him a little less agressive with other dogs- he loves other people but when another dog, no matter how big, runs up to play with him he jumps it like he’s a Russian Wolfhound).

Anyway, for some reason my best friend and my mother and sister are all majorly against this and seem to think it will render him a little basket case. While I don’t expect it to work miracles regarding his behavior or constant hyperness, I do think it will make him a bit less territorial and prone to fighting other dogs (an alarming number of people out here let their dogs run around unleashed) and perhaps a bit more prone to mind (he is a total ALPHA male).

So, are there any particular reasons NOT to neuter him (increased separation anxiety is one I’ve heard from some people)? Any particularly good reasons TO neuter him?

There is exactly one good reason not to neuter a dog, and that’s if you want to breed him. That’s it, really.

There are lots of urban legends surrounding the behavioral and physical effects of neutering. Contrary to common belief, neutering does not:

  • Cause obesity/laziness
  • Cause hyperactivity
  • Make your dog gay
  • Ruin your dog’s self-esteem
  • Mean you have to get neutered also.

Link from the Humane Society:

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Also, spayed/neutered pets have twice the life expectancy of intact ones.