What are the cool 40 year old kids dancing to these days?

As the thread title says I just turned 40 and have decided it’s high time I learn how to dance. So what are the in styles that people our age are dancing to? I know ballroom is popular on TV - is Swing still popular? At this point I’m a horrible dancer so lessons are a must, but I don’t want to invest in lessons if there’s nothing we can do with it after we learn. So, what would be the best style to learn, and if any of you live in the Metroplex do you know fun places to go?

I know two couples that go out dancing regularly. One pair does waltzes. And to steal an old Blues Brothers joke – the other couple all the kinds of dancing, line dancing and square dancing. Clearly, they don’t go to the same places.

FYI, I’ve learned that “ballroom” dancing is typically (in the midwest) waltzes, foxtrots, cha cha, and tango.

How cool any of this is, I dunno.

There’s all kinds of dancing- you just have to figure out what’s popular/available in your area. Ballroom is usually available at the studios that teach it, sometimes at other venues. Check out USAdance.org (Social Dance) to see if there are any dances held in your area. There are also swing dances held all over the place (swingdancecouncil.com) and Country Western if you like to dance wearing hats (ucwdc.org). In some parts of the country, Argentine tango, salsa or other Latin dances are popular. Also mentioned, square dancing, round dancing and line dancing. All are fun, but line dancing and salsa are about the only ones you can do at nightclubs without getting strange looks.

There are also a lot of different places to learn to dance. Studios (both affiliated [Arthur Murray] and independent), community or college classes, nightclubs before the evening dancing begins. In general, you get the best education (and pay the most) at the studio private lessons. Group lessons teach steps but don’t offer the in-depth posture and movement of private lessons.

If you aren’t sure what style suits you, I recommend taking a series of group lessons through your Parks Dept., community outreach or community college to get a feel for the dance styles. You can switch to the more expensive lessons at any time.

40-year-olds are too young to be cool.

West coast swing is very versatile, you can dance it to many songs you would hear on the radio. Anything with a blues or solid rock beat.