What are the criteria for a (21?) gun salute at a military funeral?

Prompted by a thread posted by a Doper who is attending a funeral (:().

See query. Also, there are “salutes” with fewer gun shots, right?

The Wikipedia article indicates that for deaths, 21-gun salutes are only fired for the deaths of U.S. presidents and not (necessarily) at the funeral itself.

Not for deaths, so far as I can tell … but yes, there are 19-gun, 17-gun, 15, gun, etc. salutes for the arrivals and departures of persons of varying ranks, down to 5-gun salutes for consulate staff. Specifics are at the Wikipedia link in post #2 above.

There is a traditional three-volley salute at military funerals and (most?) state funerals in the U.S. The three-volley salute is fired by rifle (see picture at link), whereas the 21-gun salutes are fired via artillery.

This is an important distinction, and a bit of in-knowledge. (I.e., civilians uniformly get this wrong.)

A rifle is not a gun.

This is a gun.

I learned this fact from a cartoon in which Bugs Bunny, impersonating an Army officer, is bamboozling Elmer Fudd, who is of course carrying his shotgun… Bugs says “How come everyone else in this man’s army has a rifle, and you’ve got a gun?”

See, Mom, Loony Tunes are educational.

Thanks for the sad face hug, Leo. I wouldn’t have minded you asking about this in the thread I opened, but I appreciate you not wanting it to be hijacked.

“This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun.”

“b. On the day after receipt of notification of death of the President, a former President, or President–elect of the United States (unless this day falls upon a Sunday or holiday, in which case the honors will be rendered on the day following the Sunday or holiday), the commanding officers of all Army installations equipped with the necessary personnel and materiel will require the following:
(1) One gun to be fired every half–hour, beginning at reveille and ending at retreat. Uniformed personnel will not salute.
(2) All soldiers at Army installations and the cadets of the United States Military Academy to be formed and notified of the death.
c. On the day of interment—
(1) A 21–gun salute will be fired commencing at noon at all military installations equipped with the necessary personnel and the materiel. Guns will be fired at 1 minute intervals. Uniformed personnel will not salute.
(2) An additional salute of a number of guns equal to the number of States of the Union will be fired at retreat at all military installations equipped with the necessary personnel and the materials. This salute will be fired at 5 second intervals immediately following lowering of the flag. Uniformed personnel will not salute.”

From AR 600-25, Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy