What Are the Differences Between the UK New International Version (Bible translation)

and the US Edition?

Obviously, the Bible doesn’t mention lifts (elevators), jumpers (sweaters), torches (flashlilghts), comprehensive schools (state-supported schools), or a handful of other words that would have to be translated from English to English in a book like, say, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Is there anyone who is familiar with both editions who can shed some light on the differences between the two?

There are lots of spelling differences between the two forms of English. Color colour, realize realise, that would probably exist in a bible translation. Not haing either version I can’t say if there might be other changes not related directly to spelling differences.

The word philosopher is everywhere replaced with “sorcerer” for reasons no one quite understands.

Also, in the American version, Jesus survives the crucifixtion, gets the girl, and Pilate, impressed by Jesus’s sense of decency and fairplay, gives him his dream job as head carpenter of Judah. Herod and Ciaphas get their just desserts, both being fired infront of the whole town and are last seen locked in a jail cell bickering with eachother. John the Baptist (it turns out he was alive the whole time) comes back and the New Testement ends in a random party scene reimescent of the end of 80’s movies such as Caddyshack.

Some denominations are hostile to the new version, but the Episcopalians have cautiously accepted it.

From an exceptionally quick scan at the Bible Gateway of the two side by side. There are a few spelling differences. Also the NIV-UK on the site doesn’t include quote marks around quoted material, while the NIV-US does. And occasionally, one has a heading that the other does not.

It is amusing that the “international” version would have to be nationalized.

The US version has footnotes with variant text readings, while the UK version does not (at least not at the Bible Gateway website).