What are the duties of a resident manager?

Having not ever lived in an apartment or condo, i’m not sure exactly what a resident manager does. I’m looking for a job and it sounds like a good job since in comes with a rent-free one bedroom apartment.

So if i were to get this job, would that mean that i would have to stay home during certain hours or something? I would call and ask all about the job, but there’s only a fax number to fax your resume.

A resident manager keeps an eye on the place 24 hours a day and report to the owner any problems. You are there as a policeman of sorts to enforce the rules of the property. If you see someone naked and smoking crack at your apartment pool, or see a scumbag breaking into a car, YOU call the cops.

You are probobly responsible for some general maintenance on property also, and probobly responsible for rent collection. Not a hard job, but sometimes a pain in the ass considering the group of people that you are renting to.