What are the economic incentives of developing cloning?

There is presumably some medical application for it, maybe even agricultural but can anyone elaborate?

Imagine being able to clone a new replacement liver, lung or pancreas. Kinda nice to not have to wait for someone to die to get it. Or even being able to clone red blood so you always have a plentiful supply of the right type. Cloning technology also shows promise to treat or even cure neurological damage. Brain damage can conceivably be mitigated by introducing stem cells into the damaged area which grow into new neurons. If we learn how to clone stem cells, it could conceivably make this an effective strategy.

Transgenomic animals producing useful compounds in their milk (eg spidersilk producing goats or antibiotic producing sheep) is a pretty big incentive. As is producing lab animals with specific disease susceptibilities (eg mice that get cancers on demand). If you can reliably clone these animals then it’s relatively easy to ramp up production of whatever trait you are interested in.

And not only transgenic animals. Just imagine that you have record-breaking award-winning super-milky cow in your herd. Whole 30% efficiency above average. Clone it in thousands of copies and replace rest of your stock, and voila - you have 30% increase of total milk output.