What are the fashions in Paris now?

I went to London with my wife in Spring of 2000 and everyone was wearing all black. Well, all black is still popular here in 'Murica. We’re going to Paris next month and not wanting to look like your average gringo… in white running shoes, blue jeans and a shirt with lots of writting on it… So what do we wear if we want to fit in as Parisans?

The fashion director at our magazine got back from the Spring shows and said, “White! White! Everyone is wearing white! White is the new black!”

You can never go wrong with a beret on your head, and a baguette under your arm.

Jokes aside, Paris is a large city, with lots of different subcultures, so it all depends on where you want to blend in. I can’t help you if you want to mingle with the trendiest fashion models, but as long as you’re not very overweight and walk around in a brightly colored T-shirt with the text Je suis Americain and a camera in a strap on your chest, you’ll probably do OK.

Traditionally the French dressed a lot ‘better’ than most other nationalities, and it’s still true that you’ll see more people in ‘proper trousers’ than jeans, but standards are slipping.

Blue jeans and a red Welsh rugby top for me today.

Can’t say I’ve noticed anyone outside dressed in any special way though.

There’s a fashion show site http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/S2004RTW/runwayshows/index.html that shows who’s doing what. I’m sure whatever these people are doing (color-wise, anyway) will be what Paris is doing.

Nudity. Mass public nudity is the new standard in Paris.


OK, thanks. I think I’ve got it. White is this years black… but someone told me gray is this years black…

So I’m going with white. A white tee shirt with Jeff Gordan’s picture on it, a backwards facing baseball cap, blue jeans and white New Balance shoes.

Or maybe a red rugby shirt the second day with a beret and a baguette under the arm.

Third day… White visor with GATORS in bold blue letters, white shorts, white shoes and white tee shirt with…

Nous sommes desoles que notre president soit un idiot. Nous n’avons pas vote pour lui.

in large letters stitched across the front.

I’ll be a regular Parisian, I think.

A quick spot-check reveals : black is still a good default choice, jeans are still happening - mostly loose fitting and slightly flared, medium fade, gay choice still seems to be unfaded with turn-up, also loose fit. White - not much, mostly sober colors, some khaki - army field jackets were the last big thing - the converse sneakers epidemic shows no sign of abating, while messy hair and black horn-rim glasses are de-rigueur for the arty inclined.

I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing tight at the top, loose in the leg lightweight black slacks lately.

You can’t go too far wrong if you stick to your NY or San Francisco wardrobe and avoid large sneakers.

Well yes, a j’ai voté contre Bush t-shirt probably would earn you a few free drinks…

Thanks, Asteroide. That’s helpful. But a question… you say there’s a “converse sneakers epidemic,” but then say… to avoid large sneakers. I’m confused. I can wear sneakers but only if my feet are small?

What about mens shirts. Am I OK with a golf style shirt or should I go with
button- down- the-front style?

You mention horn rim glasses… I’ve notice The French tend to wear rectangular shapes glasses whereas I wear round ones. Noticed that in Montreal a few years ago, too.

Converse vs. large sneakers.
I’m thinking that the Converse sneakers the other poster mentioned are the Chuck Taylor canvas-with-white-rubber-toe sneakers, as opposed to large, clunky, Nike type sneakers.

And since the president’s opponent during the last election was the extreme-right leader, writing this on your t-shirt will advertize :

“I’m a regular ** extreme-right ** parisian”

Oh, those type Converse sneakers. I have a pair of them. The low-cut black canvas I wore as a kid in the 60’s. Very retro… it’s just they’re so uncomfortable. Flat, with no arch…

And thanks for pointing out that political fact, Clairobscur. I certainly don’t want to be ID’ed with that crowd. I’ll just stick to a Swedish Flag pin afixxed to my collar.

I think I’ll just wear fairly dark clothes along the lines of “casual Fridays.”