What are the laws on political yard signs?

Typically, removal of signs ordinances apply to signs placed in public right of ways, aka signs along the street. Depending on jurisdiction candidates are responsible for the removal of the signs by a certain point after the election. I doubt this is ever enforced as you would need to show the candidate’s own campaign placed the signs rather than spiteful placement afterwards.

Signs placed in front of homes, there may well be city ordinances that require removal but I would also guess those are also not enforced. First amendment objections are probably going to win out every time there. Maybe a homeonwer’s association could get away with it.

I haven’t seen many signs for either candidate around here. I used to pass a “Hillary for Prison” sign on the way to work, but that obviously didn’t come from either campaign.

This site has a bunch of info about campaign signs including rules for each of the 50 states. Way too much info to quote here.

Vacationing in Pennsylvania last month and I noticed a professional-looking campaign sign that said “Trump that Bitch.” The sign followed the Trump formatting and font. Makes me wonder what’s allowable in terms of decency. Lots and lots of Hillary for Prison signs. I thought that was an official Trump campaign sign, but based on your post I guess not?

Someone posted about a person had Hillary signs up and the signs were destroy and the their dog was poison . So you need to be careful if do get a dog . This the first time in my life I heard of a dog being killed over an election ! Trump making America hate !

I saw another video (can’t find it now) where the homeowner ran a piece of fishing line from the sign to an anchor of some sort (maybe a tree). The thief picked up the sign and ran maybe three feet before a sudden jerk from running out of line brought them to the ground on the lawn. Easier to do than electricity, and probably less harm or legal problems.

Just thought I’d toss in something somewhat related - the Hatch Act prohibits certain federal employees (including myself) from posting partisan signs.

Quite right. That sign you see in the yard belongs to my spouse.